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Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
60x30x30cm = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin is for 4 months, September 2009
-Standardbecken Of Water Home
-black structure backplane of jewel
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20.03 aktuelles Frontbild
Aquarium decoration:
-mittelkörniger colorful gravel, about 3 cm in height
-a sand box for the armored catfish
-left to right:

Anubia barteri var. Barteri
Javafarn / Schwarzwurzelfarn - Microsorum pteropus
small Blyxkraut - Blyxa Japanico
Wendt's water trumpet - Cryptocoryne wendtii in brown and green
Brazilian Wassernabel- lHydrocotyle leucocephala
Heteranthera - Heteranthera zosterifolia
Süsswassertang - Lomariopsis lineata

The compilation of the plant fits very well to the pelvic conditions and for stocking. There has been much tried by this state. For example, Pogostemon was helferi unfortunately very loved by the worm!
Heteranthera and the Brazilian pennywort need to be pruned every 2 week, but otherwise everything gets enough light and grows well.
20.03.10 Froschbiss und Wasserlinsen
20.03.10 Cryptocoryne pontederifolia
Special features of the facility:
-4 Wood (not longer than 20 cm) Mopani and bog-wood as a climbing aid for Anubien and Süsswassertang
-A few boulders on grazing for the catfish, partly as a limit to the sand box and a fixation for the Javafarn
Aquarium equipment:
-1 Tube Sylvania Standard Daylight 15 Watt
-Aquaball Eheim 60 (left in the basin, hidden behind the Anubias)
-Bestückung Filter fleece and filter mat
The power regulator is fully turning up, so that is achieved the maximum flow rate. The flow is quite large, but using the filters quickly (especially through the filter fabric), so that every two weeks must be cleaned. Perhaps the inner filter is inserted through an external filter Eheim 2211th But so far I'm very peace.
Other equipment:
-Elite Heating 50 Watt (right basin)
-Japan Blue Endler, quite a lot of varying age (if they are sexually mature, some prospective customers to leave)
-Corydoras Pygmaeus (2m / 3w) - be raised to 8
-Corydoras Hastatus 1 - is a non-stocking
-Coydoras Paleatus 1 - cub, which comes to swarm into the 200 liter tank times
-Ohrgitter-Harnischwels (Macrotocinclus affinis) 4 - are still raised to 6

-Redfire Shrimp
-Posthornschnecken, Tower snails and bladder snails
Otis 1
Otis 2
Coryi 1
Coryi 2
Japan Blue Endler 1
Redfire-Garnele m
20.03.10 Zwergkrebs
20.03.10 bei der Fütterung 1
20.03.10 bei der Fütterung 2
Water parameters:
NO 0
No2 0
GH 8 ° d
KH 5-6 ° d
pH 6.8-6.9

I must confess that I have used water test strips, because otherwise I do not do water tests. Water tests I need only for the osmosis system, so I more or less know how I have to mix, as we have up here on the east coast pretty hard water.

Temperature: 24 degrees, at night 23 degrees
-Fertigfutter / Tablets:
JBL Novo Tab
JBL Novo Pleco
Geri Greenstuff tablets
foregone reddish tablets from Zoo & Co

Sera FD Artemia Shrimps
Tetra Delica Brine Shrimps
Multifit Tubifex

black, red and white mosquito larvae (gutgespült)
(Water fleas come not so good)

JBL Novo Crabs
JBL Novo Prawn
(the other animals eat it of course)

Cucumber, pepper

white mosquito larvae, Tubifex, home-grown micro worms and water fleas, but rarely

The feed should be balanced assortment very varied and for each aquarium inhabitants.
Further information:
Fertilization does not take place, only when needed iron is added
-Any week 20 liters of water changes with osmosis water mixture
-any two weeks filter cleaning with only 10 liters of WW