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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
250x60x60 = 900 liters ~ 237 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin comes from AquaTop in Aachen-Würselen, built from West in Stolberg.

It consists of 15 mm base plate and braces, and 12mm-side windows.

In addition, 2 holes are fitted with 63mm diameter.

1st hole serves as a cable duct (15x15cm) and hose for the return
2. hole serves as Rieselschacht (15x15cm), filled with BioBall and filter mat dice

The base is a complete self-made and consists of the following:

Left and Right column: 10cm Ytong
Central column: 10cm 17.5cm Ytong & KS
Cross-pillar backwards: 5cm Ytong
Nestled 2 galvanized steel beams 80x80mm for load distribution
Wing: waxed solid wood worktop 38mm 300cm with silicone on stones and steel girders glued (-> Error !!! The wooden plate can no longer lie freely and work!)

Gravel cover (5 cm) and cover (14cm) are made of specially anodized aluminum of LN Locksmith, and 5 aluminum cover plates a 49cm

Laminate, tiles, screed and insulation were removed in the pillars and the pelvis thus directly on the reinforced concrete floor (30cm) set (-> static)

Plastered (Rotband) and painted columns were (latex)
Steel beams only cleaned, primed and painted
The front was covered with a rail system from IKEA, consists of 5 fields a 60 cm

The amount of the base is 90cm above ground level, top cover around 155cm

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Aufbau (1)
Aufbau (2)
Becken pur
Aquarium decoration:
75 kg quartz sand
5 kg basalt gravel (black) as pigmentation

In addition, from mortar and tile grid 3 large plates were modeled, which should give the floor structure

-------------------------------------------------- ---
-------------------------------------------------- ---
Special features of the facility:
about 250kg of red and green slate as cave building and backplane

Left: large cave with wide columns to cover and large stone slabs
center: outdoor swimming area (for sandy nests and food intake)
right: cave room with several piers and piles of rubble with many niches

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Links (Höhlen)
Mitte (Freiraum)
Rechts (Höhlen)
Aquarium equipment:
2x 58W Sylvania Aquastar (side by side) By 12:15 bis 21:50 clock

Moonlight building your own 21.40 bis 23:50 clock
Operated 4 CCFLs (Revoltec PC-Modding) to 7.5V

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Quick filtering:
Aqua Medic Power Filter 1000 (run by the left of Rieselschacht to water surface)

Overflow with comb
Irrigation plate
Schacht 15x15cm
Filter mat cubes coarse (10l)
BioBall (15l)

Main filtering:
200l tank (100x50x40) covered completely
1. chamber: inlet with Red Fire shrimp
10cm filter mat coarse (50x40)
2nd chamber: clear water
10cm filter mat coarse (50x40)
3. chamber: 35 kg lava rock
Frein 10cm filter mat (50x40)
4. chamber: Clear water heater & pump

Pump: Ocean Runner OR2500 -> Performance about 1500l / h at 1.5 m head (circulation thus approximately 1.5x / h)

Feed: PVC piping (50/40) with ball valve
Return: 20mm hose Eheim installation set (running from left)

Water change every 8-10 days 30-40% (approx 300-400l)

No water treatment

The pool itself also accepts filter tasks because of accumulated sludge in the corners and between the stones deliberately not (or rarely) is sucked. However, excreta and uneaten food are the catfish at night "plowed"

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Other equipment:
Eheim bar heater 300W at 22 ° C (emergency reserve)
Eheim bar heater 200W at 23 ° C (night switching for the prevention)

Terra Nova Pro MareaStream 4400 -> 4400L / h (inlet from right behind stone structure)

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Filterbecken & Technik
3x Altolamprologus Calvus "Black" 2/1
6x Cyphotilapia Gibberosa (ehem. Frontosa) "Blue Zaire" 2/4 (WF-NZ)
9x cyprichromis leptosoma "Tricolor" (WF)
1x Lamprologus Occelatus (dominant male does not accept females)
12x Neolamprologus longior (NZ)
1x Xenotilapia "flavipinnis" (NZ) -> was mistakenly received as "a free gift")

6x Synodontis multipunctatus (NZ)
4x Synodontis ??? (I have been sold as "Petri Cola")

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Calvus Paar
Duo Infernale
Leptosoma Tricolor
Gibberosa Gruppe
Blue Zaire
Water parameters:
Temperature: 23.9 ° C (winter) - 25.6 ° C (summer)
pH = 80
GH = 15 °
KH = 9 °
NO2 = 0 mg / l
NO3 = 20 mg / l
PO4 = 1.0 mg / l
Fe = 0 mg / l
NH3 = 0 mg / l
NH4 = 0 mg / l
Conductivity = 590 (at 20 ° C)

-------------------------------------------------- ---
-> Frost
Clam meat (whole and shredded)
Sand shrimp (all)
Black mosquito larvae
Forage mix
(2-3x per week)

-> Live
now and then, then various food animals to availability, in the summer also from our own mortar tub in the garden

-> Dry
Nature Food Premium V2
Nature Food Premium Color V2
Nature Food Premium Cichlid
Sera vipan
Tropical Vitality & Color
Tropical Tanganyika

(Several times a week changing)

-> 1-2x a week of fasting !!!

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Further information:
************************************************** *******************************************
* My special thanks go first to my wife Nadine, who with
* Your patience and also its financial concessions this
* Little dream realized. And now it is also called the "Blue Zaire"
* Your favorites! So kannÃÆ'à ¢ â,¬Å¡Ãƒâ € šÃ,Â's come