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Aquarium Hauptansicht von 54l Tanganijka
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
60x30x30 = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Stone constructions of boulders.
Aquarium 54l Tanganijka
Aquarium decoration:
Fine natural sand.
2x Vallisneria spiralis
1x Anubias barti sp. nana
Pflanzen im Aquarium 54l Tanganijka
Special features of the facility:
Stone constructions of boulders, shellfish, snails houses.
Dekoration im Aquarium 54l Tanganijka
Aquarium equipment:
GLO AquaLight

11.00am-21.00 pronounced 10h.
Fluval 2, will soon be replaced by an Eheim External Filter.
Other equipment:
Diaphragm pump: Elite 799
Planned stocking: Neolamprologus Multisfasciatus 3M 5W
Water parameters:
Water levels:
PH: 7.8
GH: 11
KH: 6 .. I need to get even higher, I know.
rest ehh interested in the running-in phase does not ..
In between small cichlid sticks, otherwise a lot of frozen food, once or twice a week Red Muelas and Artemia.
Further information:
Currently there are no houses and no stocking available snails, the pool is busy but enter on. ;)