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Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Base aluminum frame (Marine-Systems) m. 2 Departments and Scheer walls back and sides. The sides had opposed the plan but pure. Swaying frame.


On the frame a solid wood panel made of acacia (3cm)
Am Tag
nochmal Südperspektive
Aquarium decoration:
fine, light sand
2 x Java Fern
1 x Cabomba
1 bunch Vallisneria gigantea
1 bunch Vallisneria spiralis
1 bunch Vallisneria americana
1 Anubia
2 x Cryptocoryne
1 x Hydrocotyle
3 x Echinodorus
+ Floating plants (water lettuce)

Plant Fertilizer JBL Ferropol
Special features of the facility:
3 great roots and some stones
Aquarium equipment:
Back to Nature-Luminaire with:

1 x Extra Day High Glow (30 W)
1 x Bio-Lux (30W)

10 Clock - 23 clock (incl. Two-hour break at noon)
Jabeo 304 (evident China plagiarism of the known products with the initials "EHEI ....") but funzt super !!!
Pump capacity: 1200L / h


CO2 system with glass reactor + overnight shutdown + 500g bottle
Other equipment:
Heater Jäger 250W
Plexiglass against evaporation
Von oben - Plexiglasabdeckung und BTN-Aufsatzleuchte (f. Bild nach hinten geschoben)
Der schnelle Brüter
Unsere chinesische Reinigungskraft
12 Blue Red Colombians
(4 of Blue Red originate from a huge public aquarium in Hornbach / Hanau Should have around 3 years, on the hump or more and are thus considerably larger than the normal available - approx. 7.5 cm)

12 Red neon
8 Glowlight (remainder)
3 catfish
Kolumbianer in der Futterecke
Water parameters:
PH 6.9
Gh 4
Kh 4
Nitrite 0 mg / l
Nitrates 15-20 mg / l

Temperature: 26.5 C (measured at the bottom of the opposite side of the heating)

Water change 1x week about 20% of the tank volume
Water treatment: AMTRA per Nature
for just in case "Dennerle Clear up"
TetraMin Flakes Staple food
dried or gefrohrene bloodworms

... and from time to chase the Colombians like a small lettuce leaf and afterwards cut it into piranha-style ... and as latest preference bite my finger !!! Colombians in But how !!! ... Also popular the jump to the plexiglass cover is when a fly whizzes about it !!! Auweia - headache ;-)
Further information:
Rear wall has been provided from the outside with a two centimeter thick insulation board, which was from behind the window with Dezefix (black matt) glued and fastened with tape at Gafa Aquarium edge so that no water between the glass and Photo rear wall comes.


no direct sunlight into the pool !!!