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Das Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
100x40x40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin stands are the 20/03/2009

The lower table is made of welded steel V4A itself and much too strong for the pool but rather play it safe go !!
Acropora anthocercis
Röhrenwurm 2
Rote Blasenanemone
Pumpende Xenia
Scheibenanemone grün gestreift
Stylophora pistillata
Seriatopora hystrix rosa
Aquarium decoration:
15Kg fine crushed coral on Styrofoam plate to protect the soil because of the stones
Special features of the facility:
mixed approximately 20kg live rock with about 5kg dead coral rock
Aquarium equipment:
Silversun HQI 1x150W Giesemann Megachrome Coral burner 14500k + 2x 54W T5 20000k
TetraTec EX 700 External Filter over crushed coral, Silicarbon, activated carbon, filter mats
Other equipment:
Immersion heater for emergencies, 2x Marea Propeller2000, Aqua Medic Skimmer to 200l, Dennerle osmosis system + silica filter
2x Amphiprion ocellaris - Clown Wrong date
1xCentropyge flavissima hybrid lemon Zwergkaiserfisch
3xChromis viridis - Chromis viridis

Acropora Anthocercis,
Turbinaria mesenterina - Chalice Coral,
Fungia Orange,
Stylophora pistillata,
Seriatopora hystrix (pink)
div.Discosoma sp. green, purple,
Xenia pumping Polyp,
Entacmaea quadricolor red with green approaches,
Sabellastarte indica Röhrenwurm + a small red and white next to it,
Zylinderrose Purple with Glowing grain

ca.5 hermit crabs and a few snails
2x White band cleaner shrimp
2x Was Manns Shrimp
Falscher Clown
Water parameters:
All tests are performed with JBL Marine
Temp: 26 degrees
Density: 1,022
KH: 8
pH: 8
NH4: 0.1 mg / l
NO2: 0.01 mg / l
NO3: 0.5 mg / l
PO4: 0.02 mg / l
Fe: 0 mg / l
Ca: 410 mg / l
Mg: 1580 mg / l
Artemia frozen food, seawater granules
Further information:
every 2 weeks WW approx.10% with Tropic Marin Bio Actif Sea Salt