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Juni 2018
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
120*40*50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Juni  2018
März 2018
Mai 2018
Mai 2018
Juni 2018
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Aquarium decoration:
5 kg JBL AquaBasis plus ready long-term soil mixture for refurbishment.
30 kg quartz gravel, Diamond Black
Pipped Water Goblet / Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae comes from southern Thailand. In its area of ​​origin, the water can be very hard because of calcareous mountains. Like many other Cryptocorynes she needs a period of acclimatization before growth starts properly. The leaves are 20-60 cm long and 15-20 cm wide single plant.

Scientific name: Cryptocoryne crispatula
natural occurrence: Thailand
Height: up to 60cm high and 15-20cm wide
optimum temperature range: 20-28 ° C
Light requirements: from semi-shade (ca.0,25W per liter)
pH tolerance: 6 to 7.5
optimal water hardness: soft to very hard

Wavy Water Goblet / Cryptocoryne undulata
-------------------------------------------------- -------------
Cryptocoryne undulata, the undulating water cup, is a beautiful and undemanding foreground plant that forms dense stands after some time. The brown foliage sets nice accents, particularly decorative design possibilities arise together with green- and red-leaved species. Cryptocoryne undulata is a popular and quite undemanding plant.

Scientific name: Cryptocoryne undulata
natural occurrence: Sri Lanka
Height: 15-25cm high and 10-20cm wide
optimum temperature range: 20-28 ° C
Light requirements: partial shade to sun of
pH tolerance: 5.5 to 8
optimal water hardness: very soft to hard

Microsorum pteropus Narrow
Microsorum pteropus is a very variable species with rich possibilities for the cultivation of different varieties. Microsorum pteropus "Narrow" has narrower leaves, which grow more perpendicular from the plant than with the traditional Microsorum pteropus. It grows readily on roots and stones. An attractive plant that is well suited for smaller aquariums. See also Microsorum pteropus.

Scientific name: Microsorum pteropus 'Narrow'
natural occurrence: Asia
Height: 10-20cm high and wide
optimum temperature range: 18-30 ° C
Light requirements: sunny to shady, quite adaptable
pH tolerance: 5 to 8
optimal water hardness: Very soft to very hard

Micranthemum Monte Carlo
Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo (ehem. Elatine hydropiper) comes from cooler waters in Europe and in eastern Asia. The round and fresh bright green leaves of Elatine grow close together on creeping stems and form quickly a beautiful carpet in the foreground of the aquarium. The individual sheets are ½ to 1 cm in size and so much bigger than z. B. in Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba". Elatine is planted in small clumps in the gravel. It thrives in light shadows under other plants, however, requires good lighting and the addition of CO2 to optimally evolve and be properly sealed.

Laboratory / Asia and Europe

Growth: Slow
Height: 2 cm - 5 cm
Width: 2 cm - 30+ cm
Light: 0.50 watts per liter
CO2: 6-14 mg per liter
Type: stem plants

Frogbit / Limnobium laevigatum
Limnobium laevigatum is a decorative plant that is particularly well suited for open aquariums but is also suitable for traditional aquariums, because the fine, long and decorative roots provide protection for gouramis and other surface fish that like spending time in the roots of floating plants. If sufficient nutrients in the water and the illuminance is good, new leaves grow beyond the water level.

Scientific name: Limnobium laevigatum
natural occurrence: South America
Height: 1-5cm high and 5-10cm wide
optimum temperature range: 18-28 ° C
Light requirements: partial shade to sun
pH tolerance: 5-8
optimal water hardness: very soft to hard

Moss [...]
Special features of the facility:
2 Finger roots
3 stones
Aquarium equipment:
Dennerle Trocal T8 Special Plant + Amazon Day
2 * JBL Reflectors

From 10:00 to 22:00
Eheim External Filter Professional 3 2073
Pumpenleistug 1,050 lh
Head / mWs 1.80
Filter volume 5.0 l
Power consumption 16 Watt
Other equipment:
Dennerle Classic-Line Compact CO2 system for aquariums up to 250 liters (2kg bottle)
Dennerle Profi-Line Comfort CO2 night shut off
Dennerle Profi-Line CO2 Long-Term Test
Jäger Aquarium Heater 150W up to 300 liters
Mobiles Aquarium
Entspannung im Sessel
CO2 Langzeittest
Technik Unterschrank
Harlequin - Trigonostigma heteromorpha 40 St.
Amanogarnele - Caridina japonica 11 St.
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Besatz im Aquarium Entspannung im Sessel
Water parameters:
Gh = 11
Kh = 6
PH = 7
Fe = 0.1 mg / l
No2 = less than 0.3 mg
CO2 concentration = 20 mg / l
Temperature = 25 / 26Grad
Live food:
-black, white mosquito larvae

Frozen Food:
-black, white mosquito larvae

-Sera Vipan

Dried fodder:
Sun Dried daphnia

Food Tabs:
-Sera Viformo
Further information:
Water change every 7 days 80 liters

Water treatment: Easy-Life fluid filter medium

Fertilization: Aqua Rebell NPK täglich7 ml (in the morning), Aqua Rebell full iron fertilizer 3 ml (evening)