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Hier Rückwand noch nicht vollständig besandet
Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
120 x30x55 = 120 liters ~ 31 gallons (us)
Specific features:
A legend ...

two old 60l Basin should be disposed of, are now used for this project.
Here, the pool with river course is (the top) made higher by 25cm.
At the end of the lower pool a modeled edge is formed, which makes it possible to let the pumped and filtered water falling into the lower pool in wider form.
Furthermore, a "mountain" or embankment is instaled on the sides of the upper basin, which is equipped with subalpine aquatic plants.

On the lower ground pool with raised rear wall for the 3D effect ...

The pool is in the basement workshop and is added later ... it's total portable but also in two halves apart nehmbar
1. Schritt- Zusammenstellen der Becken und Höhenplanung
Provisorisches zum Aufbau
noch ungeschliffen(Beide Platten)
Seitenansicht(muß noch geschliffen werden und verspachtelt)
Jetzt fehlt nur noch das Gestell zum aufstellen...
Skizze für Draufsicht oberes Becken
Anpassung der Teile
Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
der Parabol-Spiegel macht grell
Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
mit Blitz...um das rückwärtige darstellen zu können
Aquarium decoration:
Upper Basin:
Gravel / sand mixture of the Danube (washed) Fa.Hacker Natternberg

Lower Basin:
Gravel / sand mixture of the Danube (washed) Fa.Hacker Natternberg
Cardamine lyrata
Echinodorus palaefolius var. Latifolius

here I have XL mother plants which have a height of 40cm ...
They are used to simulate a amBecken border planting.
The art uist a marsh plant, the mediocre needs light, must be maintained at 20-28 ° C and almost does not need to be fertilized ...
Propagation by cuttings and flowers Rhizomär

Since marsh plant, so pH whom work between 5-8

Hemianthus micranthemoides
Echinodorus hellioti
Echinodorus palaefolius var. latifolius wächst aus dem Becken
E. palaefolius/ Sicht mit Richtung Flußlauf
zu wenig Luftfeuchte für den E.latifolius
Special features of the facility:
Upper basin with backplane module "Aqua-Pro", hollow on the inside as a great hiding place ...

Rotholzwurzel, swamp root root ....

Lower basin homemade Relief backplane as a transition to the upper pool ...

large stones (green granite) pH-neutral
smaller stones
Burl wood pieces
Bamboo branches of branches reenactment
Rotmeer-Sand der noch aufgetragen wird
dient als Steilwand ins untere Becken
Seitenteil ...dient als Spritzschutz...
Steilwand erste Beschichtung
Dekoration im Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
Haufen unter des Einplanschbereichs...
Oberes Becken...ohne Wasser
Rückwand und Wurzel,oberes Becken
Unten....hier ohne Pflanzen
Unten....wird langsam...
Aquarium equipment:
homemade hanging lamp

Two old covers were successively set and received the reflector

A polished zinc plate 0.8mm manufactured reflector 120cm x0,30cm
with T8 lamps
2x Daylight brilliant
Lighting: 10-22 Clock

Moonlight and morning light is made even electrically switchable via electron. Control
thereby acting an old torch light as mixed light for evening and morning (yellow color temperature)
Sera-Fil-bioactiv filter with UV lamp, this is the flow tube in his holes drilled this turn only the outer holes, the inner keep the original size in order to ensure a better flow shore-side ...
Rated power 700l / h
Pond pump JBL with 1000l / h inside and outside usable and installable

Furthermore, the flow can be driven with enteder 700L 1700L (filter) or, bringing to simulate the advantage dry / wet season with an additional control ...
Other equipment:
Moonlight blue
Early light red
AquaFlow Pond pump 1000L / h ...

Take due to the ability of the air humidity is ... a 5l canister with day of fresh water addition was installed with ...

Dawn control ..... see picture

Heater 150W
morgens ab 4 Uhr
abends bis 23 Uhr
Der neue Filter
Technik im Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
Technik im Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
Wasser aus Strömungsrohrvon Filter
Upper Basin a couple P. pulcher

Lower Basin: not occupied

there is 1 pair Nanochromis parilus

15 Adonis Tetra

how do I get the ....
Besatz im Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
Besatz im Aquarium Wasserfall-Biotop(nur noch als Beispiel)
Water parameters:
Temp. 23 ° C
pH 7
GH-9 ° dGH
Nitrite -momentan 0.00
Nitrate -momentan 0.10

Water Wech donkey with 20l / week

Refilling the "shrinkage water" daily ..momentan approx.1.2 l
black mosquito larvae (Frost)
Tetra Min
Artemia (Frost)
Wafer-Tabs (algae)
sera vipachips
Further information:
Waterfall habitat has been an honor to be able to launch it ...

On the theory ....

The whipping of a water droplet, which meets after the fall from 40cm height to the lower basin ..dabei in river course forward movement of 25cm / s and had the waterfall is experiencing G Bechleunigung, brings in about a spray radius of 30cm on average atomized water located ... for this reason the incidence zone of the lower basin is protected in this area by mountain ranges Modelled on the sides to keep water loss and water damage in the environment low .....

The pools are "disguised" from the side and thus result so ne of the page Art showcase.

After a dip one side washer upper basin and two leaks in construction delay of introducing ...
The pool is open betrieben..Umgebungstemperatur at an average of 14 ° C