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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Südamerika 160L
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
100 x 40 x 40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
Specific features:
2 kitchen countertops 130x50
Ytong bricks 60x20x10 6 and 4 60x20x5
Tile adhesive
Styrofoam plate 1 cm
White paint
Lipping for sawn edges

I had decided to make the 10 stones edgewise. In each case 2 to 3 columns and 5 Series as the back wall, so that ultimately a tilted E should occur (see sketch). The E then has the following dimensions (W / H / D): 110x60x40
The bonding with the tile adhesive (previously moisten the stones saves, the primer) was not a problem. In the rear wall stones I had only used silicone for gluing of future shipping and moving reasons. Thus, the construction can also easily re-disassemble. Although the stones are not very hard individually, comes in the crowd already a stately weight to pass. In addition, even cable penetrations were cut in the rear walls.
By overlying weight of the filled aquarium also eliminates the bonding of the stones on the lower countertop.
After everything had dried, I have plastered the wall with tile adhesive and then painted with color.
An old towel served as a base. It was a countertop, then the Ytong construction thereon polystyrene foam (cut to the construction matching E) and set as the final 2. countertop.

In keeping with the aquarium I bought a rear wall structure (in the well-known auction house for 20 euros). This was shortened to about 85 cm and glued

This results in 2 advantages:

1. I therefore had the same for the corner HMF a support (which rear wall is from about 2-3 cm from the glass sheet and thus the filter mat can not slip)
2. I was able to dress out of the rest of the white fortified with silicone elbow for side Matt limitation.
Aquarium Südamerika 160L
Aquarium Südamerika 160L
Aquarium decoration:
Game Sand
Echinodorus Red Flame, Tricolor, Barthi, Apart u. Bolivianus
Bras. Pennywort
Needle ledges
Shell Flowers
Hygrophila polysperma
Hygrophila corymbosa siamensis 53b o. Hygrophila salicifolia
Ludwigia repens
Rotala indica
Alternanthera reineckii
Special features of the facility:
Black rear panel
Savannah root
2 coconut halves
3 Tonhöhlen
Stone building
Aquarium equipment:
2 T8 30W Daylight
Lighting time: 7-12 and 16-23 Clock
Eck-HMF with Eheim compact 600 is throttled to about 300 l / h
Other equipment:
Hunter heater 150 watts at 25 degrees
Technik im Aquarium Südamerika 160L
9 Blue Neons
10 black tetra
3 LDA 25 (Pit Bull Plecos) and (unfortunately) 3 twins Parotocinclus Spilosoma
1 pair Butterfly dwarf cichlids
1 pair Cockatoo dwarf cichlids
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika 160L
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika 160L
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika 160L
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika 160L
Water parameters:
pH 7.5
gH 5
kH 12
Nitrite 0.0
Water change weekly 30-40 liters
mainly frozen food (Tubifex, Artemia, Cyclops-Eeze)
Vegetables (cucumber, peppers, zucchini, lettuce)
Dried fodder (Welstabs, flake and perch feed)
Just socially Living feed
Further information:
Alder cones