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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Tanganjika - es war einmal...
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
190x60x60 = 684 liters ~ 180 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is custom made (UKA aquariums, Münster) according to my wishes. The length of the pool of 190cm results from the width of the alcove, where the pool is. Filtering through the glued 3-chamber biofilter (smoked glass) I have chosen, because this allows a large filter volume, without too much remodeling the apartment for rent. Next I have to cover the otherwise open-powered pelvis sliding doors, which are known from the terrarium, installed. These allow easy opening for working on the tank. Base cabinet incl. "Specificity" under "Miscellaneous"
Das komplette Becken auf dem selbstgebauten Unterschrank
Das Becken fügt sich genau in den Windfang hinter der Haustür
Wenn das Becken fertig ist folgen weitere Bilder und die entgültige Beschreibung
Aquarium decoration:
4-5cm layer fine quartz sand (beige)
A large Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia before the biofilter and some Anubias barteri and hopefully soon algae on the artificial stones.
A small "box" Valisnerien.
Special features of the facility:
The large stones which can be seen in the images were made by me. Given a rough Styrofoam form of loose pieces was created on a wooden plate, on which then a plastic sheet was placed. In the film plastic lathwork been added to stiffen. Then everything was elaborated with aquariums mortar. After hardening of the mortar has a hollow stone. In addition, these few centimeters were situated away from the rear wall, or provided with holes. Thus, the escape or hiding space for the animals results in the lack by the scant else. Stone constructions. These artificial stones were supplemented by medium-sized gray river pebbles. Furthermore, 10 Neothauma houses.
Aquarium equipment:
After consultation with S. Danhieux (Mal-Ta-Vi) and Mr. F. Wilam I opted for a very "frugal" lighting. This consists of a hanging-lamp with 2x 36W Philips grid TL-D 865 (Daylight). The lamp was very low, and mounted on the front of the bowl to the fish to illuminate laterally. As a result, it is "natural" color reproduction of the animals.

09:00 clock - 12:00 clock
14:00 clock - 21:00 clock
The filtering of the pelvis via the at the re. Back of the pelvis glued 3-chamber biofilter. This was made at my request in smoked glass, so that it is hardly noticeable behind the plant. This filter is equipped with:
1. chamber (feed):. Bioigeln / Filterwatte u waterweed (!)
Currently with a warmed up Filtermateril from other basins to filter Start.
2nd chamber: above blue filter foam (medium coarse), then 3l Siporax and down another layer filter foam, which for max. Wasserverwirbelung in 2 frames expires.
3. chamber: clear water chamber (possibly further biological filter material or as needed.)
Powered by a powerhead 802. a powerhead with about 600l / h rapid filter cartridge is also still u. Installed.

This type of filtering I use for several years and am very satisfied with the values ​​and the service life.
Other equipment:
The temperature in our hall is actually rather cool, yet has the temp. Without heat (!) Settled at 23.5 degrees!

If it is a little cooler I turn the Eheim Hunter (300W in clear water chamber) a heater to approximately 25 ° C. Thus, I have natural temp fluctuations.
Schiebescheiben auf Schienen für ein optimales arbeiten im Becken
Patent ist angemeldet: DAS BELEUCHTETE KATZENKLO !!!
Patent ist angemeldet: DAS BELEUCHTETE KATZENKLO !!!
- Cyprichromis leptosoma BlueOrchid Katete (3/5 animals should be eye increased to 4/8)
- Enantiopus sp. kilesa (2/2)
- Lamprologus meleagris (0/0 +5)
- Optalmotilapia ventralis orange cap (2/3)
- Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "blue neon" (3/5)
- Synodontis petricola (0/0 +3)
- Xenotilapia ochrogenys ndole (0/0 +4)

more planned:
- Benthochromis tricoti (2/2)

Since the animals are all still quite young the final sex ratio will be adjusted later.
Water parameters:
PH 7.8
KH 8 ° dH
GH 14 ° dH
Nitrate 5 mg / l
Nitrite 0 mg / l
Ammonia 0 mg / l
Temp 23.5 -. 25.5 ° C

Weekly 30% water changes
As the animals of Mal-Ta-Vi and ornamental fish breeding Bender submitted and there almost exclusively flake food (Tetra Rubin; breeder flocks) are served, I'll also just the beginning of this give to the animals not to strain at the beginning. In addition, newly hatched Artemia.

As soon as this changes I will make an update.
Further information:
The cabinet consists of three series of gas concrete blocks which on a countertop (40mm) are provided. The ground under the pool was additionally provided with an impact sound to compensate for any unevenness. On the stones is another countertop with 20mm polystyrene. This base is covered with a removable panel in white lacquered MDF. Between the concrete blocks 2 large drawers themselves were manufactured which are mounted on fully extendable 60cm Industrial Sliding rails. In re. Chamber hosts the elec. CONNECTIONS.

The highlight:
In the right drawer front a cat flap has been installed. Behind it is a commercially available cat litter box which is in the drawer. In addition, find practical things square, for cleaning a cat litter and odor removal (Fa Airwick;.)) Are needed. To clean the drawer is simply pulled out. Enter the cat's toilet, it is switched on via a motion sensor attached a pleasant 15W light (yellow / orange) which donates the cats a pleasant atmosphere for important business ...