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20. Mai 2009
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Victoria
Tank size:
121x46x60 = 260 liters ~ 68 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Juwel Vision 260 with curved windscreen
Homemade back wall behind the pool
linke Hälfte
rechte Hälfte
Aquarium decoration:
Natural colored gravel 1-2mm approx 35kg
2x Anubia
1x unknown
Special features of the facility:
Hole rock and boulders
Aquarium equipment:
1x 54 Watt T5 jewel Daylight
1x 54 Watt T5 jewel Nature
unfortunately only with common switch

Daylight: 8 - 10:30 and 14 - 21:30
Standard jewel internal filter 1000l / h with standard fittings
Other equipment:
Heater in the internal filter
1/1 Haplochromis sp. "Thick Skin" CH44
1/1 Zebra - obliquidens

3 Ancistrus
Zebra - Obliquidens m
Zebra - Obliquidens w
Haplochromis sp. Thick Skin CH44 m
Water parameters:
pH: 8.0
GH: 18 ° dGH
kH: 8 ° dKH
NO2: 0,0 mg / l
NO3: 15mg / l
NH4: 0.1 mg / l
Temp: 25 ° C min at night
max 27 ° C during the day by lighting

determined by sera aqua test set
Tropical Cichlid Gran
JBL Novo Stick M
JBL Novo Rift
Tetra Cichlid Shrimp Sticks
Tetra Pleco Wafer
Frozen black mosquito larvae
frozen Artemia

from time to time
Lettuce, peppers, shrimp

1 times fast the week