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Mein Eckaquarium
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
Specific features:
All homegrown. The cabinet and the cover were ironed as optical response with cherry wood color. The cabinet is not on the floor but on "Qufen", so you can suck without problems untr the Aquarium. :)
Aquarium decoration:
Soil: 5.8 kg Tetra CompleteSubstrate
In just under 25 kg pond gravel fine-grained (is cheaper than aquarium gravel)
3x Anubias Eyes
2x Hygrophila polypserma

All plants have besides the breeding ground for another half supplement tablet from Dennerle
Special features of the facility:
1x root
multiple stones and a few snail shells as decoration
Aquarium equipment:
1x Dennerle TROCAL-de Luxe Special-Plant 18 Watt with reflector
1x 18 Watt JBL

The lighting is controlled va timer from 9:00 bis 21:00 clock clock.
1x Eheim Professionel 2 2028 Pump capacity l / h 1050
1x internal filter (primarily for the water circulation in the pelvis)
Other equipment:
Co2 system consisting of Co2 bottle (3kg), pressure reducing valve, non-return valve, overnight shutdown and digital pH controller of Dennerle

UVC filters 7Watt (installed before the inlet of the Eheim filter, runs 24/7)

Heater Jäger 400W
4x catfish
4x cory
3x Tiger barbs
3x gouramis
4x brush algae eaters
2x Prachtschmerle
2x Scalar (a smoke Zebra scale, a Goldskalar)
Water parameters:
Water temperature: 26-28 degrees C.
KH: 6
pH: 7-7,5
No2: 0.025
Po4: 0.2

These values ​​were measured at a pet shops on 24.8.2009 as such
For all bottom-dwelling fish there every 2 days a food tablet Tetra (PlecoMin)
The other fish get 2x daily. SV2 of Elos.
One time within 14 days, there's a Futerpause about a day.
Further information:
Water change I do every 14 days, about 30 - 40 liters.