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4. Januar 2015
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
100x 40x 40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Plant basins
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1. Januar 2015
13. Januar 2015
25. Januar 2015
Aquarium decoration:
Sand beige 0.1 to 0.4 mm grain size
approximately 24 Kg
In the background, ca 6cm high, forward sloping down to 1cm.

Many do indeed like to steer clear of sand due to the fine grain and also afraid of fermentation gases in the soil, root rot and the like. This I can not confirm. Through the sealing of the soil substrate is sinking virtually no sludge, this can be easily suction from the surface during WW. Gas inclusions I could tell never, further grow my plants extremely well in sandy soil with beautiful white roots.
The experience must always do it yourself, but condemn there on the sandy soil here in principle and a priori first nothing. By the way, I think it rumzuwühlen for completely unnecessary with a gravel cleaner in the ground. What would practically not even possible with my pelvis. The surface is cleaned of snails, shrimp and mailed catfishes. This is my practice to fully adequate.
Since just the Hygrophilla pinnatifida downright invasive increasingly in my pelvis, I have repeatedly dispense rooted cuttings. If you are interested just send PN.

- Helanthium tenellum Grassy dwarf sword plant
- Eleocharis parvula Dwarf needle ledges
- Marsilea ssp marsilea quadrifolia.

- Staurogyne repens Staurogyne
- Juncus repens bulrush
- Hygrophila corimbosa compact Kurzstängeliger water friend
- Echinodorus grisebachii "Tropica" Samolus sword plant
- Crypto Corine cordata var siamensis Siamese water goblet.
- Nymphea lotus red red Tigerlotus
- Bacopa australis Southern Fettblatt
- Crypto Corine wendtii "green" green Wend Tscher Wasserkelch

- Vallisneria nana Narrow Vallis
- Rotala rotundifolia Round-leaved Rotala
- Heteranthera zosterifolia Seegrasblättriges heteranthera
- Helanthium bolivianum "Vesuvius" Corkscrew sword plant

Ferns / epiphytes:
- Microsorum pteropus "Narrow Leaf" Narrow Leaf Java Fern
- Microsorum pteropus "Short Narrow Leaf"
- Anubias barteri var nana Dwarf Peer sheet.
- Hygrophilla pinnatifida Fiederspaltiger water friend
- Bolbitis heudelotii Kongofarn
- Bucephalandra sp. "Blue Devil"

IMPORTANT: When Bucephalandra is a plant belonging to a breed, no natural removal! Due to slow growth and the great popularity of this plant, particularly in Aquascaping circles, currently enjoys, many habitats have already been destroyed. That's what I want to have no part.

- Vesicularia montagnei Christmas Moss
- Taxiphillum Barbieri Javamoos
- Monosolenium tenerum Tender liverwort
- Riccia pond liverwort

Fertilization has become a major issue for me old Pflanzenaquarianerin therefore are also a few bottles more:
- DRAK Ferrdrakon as daily iron supply
- EASYLIFE Nitro for nitrogen supply. This fertilizer also contains a good amount of potassium.
- EASYLIFE Fosfo for phosphate supply. For some, perhaps somewhat incomprehensible why adding an extra phosphate. Plants require but a certain (albeit small) amount of phosphate, which is not given in a densely planted but rather weaker occupied Aquarium.
- EASYLIFE potassium Potassium for potassium supply. In conjunction with EASY LIFE Nitro as I said gently apply.
I fertilizing every day, and the exchange of water to surge. The values ​​are monitored weekly and possibly adjusted.

Enclosed is a CO2 supply 45Blasen / min, connected. This corresponds to about 20 mg / l.
Nymphea Lotus rot
Eleocharis parvula, Marsilea hirsuta
Anubias barteri
Bacopa australis
Helanthium vesuvius
Juncus repens
Microsorum `short narrow leaf`
Monosolenium tenerum
Hygrophilla pinnatifida
Riccia fluitans in Christmas Moos
Rotala rotundifolia
Echinodorus grisebachii `Tropica`
u.a. Bolbitis heudelotii
Bucephalandra `Blue Devil`
Bucephalandra `Blue Devil` unter Wasser
Riccia fluitans
Anubias barteri var. coffeifolia(nicht mehr im Becken)
Special features of the facility:
Rotholzwurzel in different sizes
Lava ... a lot ^^

Walnußlaub has the same antiseptic effect as almond leaves. Only it is getting cheaper. Of course, one must pay attention to the location of the tree, so if possible away from roads and surfaces on which possibly pesticides are applied. It is important that the leaves in the green state must be picked from the tree, and then dried. Either hang up or at low temperatures in the oven.
Well then are the individual leaflets for the Nano Aquarium.

Alder cones
They contain a lot of humic substances which favorably affect the water may make it softer.

These are very easy to harvest itself. Alders grow in most streams. Again, it is important to the environment must be ensured. Best far from civilization and agriculture. About the best harvest time is discussed still hot. But you is about the end of September daily until October. No green suppositories harvest. Most humic substances stuck in the suppository before the first stronger rains begin. But you should also take care that the seeds have already failed as possible. The suppositories may be stored dry last time. Thus, one can create no less than a year's supply.
Mein fleissiges Helferlein
Deko Katerchen^^
Aquarium equipment:
Coverage of Aqualux

2x 39Watt T5

front Dennerle Special Plant
Rear: Dennerle Amazon Day

The luminaires are equipped with Dennerle Power Reflect.


Lighting time:

10: 00h to 22: 00h
Lunch break from 13.30 until 15.30 clock (this lunch alone is owed to the site of my aquarium at the window. At noon the sun beats down mercilessly fairly directly into the aquarium.)
Eheim Aquaball 180
Equipped with various filter mats from coarse to fine, among other things Filterwatte.

Again, might some wonder about this type of filtering. But it works only for me apparent disadvantage is the frequent cleaning (2x per week washout) otherwise I see no reason to upgrade to a different filter.
The basin was formerly operated with an HMF, but simply took away too much space.
In addition, Easy Life fluid filter medium
Other equipment:
Co2 system
2kg reusable bottle with Aqua Medic pressure reducer and solenoid valve,
Dennerle return valve,
Dennerle Flipper Maxi
Dennerle CO2 long-term test

No heating.
2kg Co2 Flasche
- 1m / 1w Nannacara anomala (goldeneye cichlid)
- 5 m / 7w Hyphessobrycon bentosi (Schmucksalmler)
-1 Otocinclus affinis (ear grating catfish) the last, have been trying times increase, but that went horribly wrong. He just gets his charity
- 7 Corydoras panda (Panda armored catfish)
- Uncounted Neocaridina heteropoda var red Red Fire shrimp but which have split in the nominal form.. So here it scurries in red brown, spotted, mackerel .. ^^
- Some Planorbarius corneus Ramshorn snails
- 2 Neritina natalensins (Zebra Rennschnecke)
- 7 Cardinia japonica (multidentata) Amanogarnele
My algae cleaning crew. However, they taste some plants also very good: I once had a Alternanthera in the basin, and apparently tasted even better than the algae. They were also dissuade with no treat it. Plants butts were then removed ... so no more Alternanthera. All other plants are grazed in peace and not eaten.
Cardinia japonica `Amano Garnele`
Corydoras panda
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Corydoras panda
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Nannacara anomala Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Nannacara anomala Weibchen
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Besatz im Aquarium Gardeners pleasure
Red fire Garnele
Water parameters:
GH: 11 °
KH: 5 °
NO2: undetectable
NO3: 15 mg / l
pH: 7.2
PO4: 0.4 mg / l

Water change: Every week approximately 40%
With the addition of Easy Life fluid filter medium.
Temperature: 25 ° C
Mainly frozen food
(Red, white and black mosquito larvae,
Tropical Mix)

Söll Organix Super Colour Flakes
Söll Organix Kelp Tabs
Söll Organix Super Colour pellets
DRAK Züflo
Live food (white and red mosquito larvae, Artemia)
Fresh food (cucumber, pepper, lettuce)
Homemade food for shrimps and demersal fish (see recipe blog)

Still there for the Red Fire
sep. Nettle, Walnußlaub, hazelnut leaves,
Alder cones, Seemandelbaumrinde,
Aqua Tropica shrimp Vital (Basic feed for shrimps)
dried pumpkin

Once a week is fasting, so I had just think ^^
Further information:
Ne time quite different rating:

The Hermit

Oh, I'm so tired ... (Mary, the Zebra Rennschnecke), the
Way here to the shrine of our tribe, the Lotus Shrine, is
as always so far .... each time accruing by repeatedly
Jungle get away ... I will one day my stripes on
the housing still lose ... anecken da-trigger there ...
It does not matter here at the shrine we make our prayers to the goddess of
Osramsonne and GroluxSterns the sky, called the Goddess
Marylou ... they hear us most and are also our cousins, the
Posthorn species and Garnys with long antennae back a couple
Pasta and salad leaves ... the green covering with the delicious seaweed was
Yes abolished ...
Our cousins ​​attract mostly in the direction of HMF-Berg, since those
most comfortable, they look like as in the mud ...
never mind, I'm the axelrodi sorry, who is stuck here, since he's
Tribe has lost ... but he gets an asylum with the Emperor, but not the
Hamburg-Mannheimer, but by Marylou, our goddess.
The axelrodi is such a good, good morning and always says each is also so
a loveable contemporary ...
He also speaks every day a prayer for his family, who he has not seen, unfortunately ..
Well, on our way from here to the shrine to Moorkienwurzeldorf
we always make a trip to the sandy trenches of Cory-digger,
because we always get the remnants of the dug-is have a real small
Wegzerrung nice .... I find class.
Only in ramirezzis we crawl faster, since you do not have the setting ...
Young or not ... ??? Because the Lord is always so funny ... ramirezzi

What powerful concerns us into the trap ... is always this ebb and flow once Weather
in the week, because we still do not know where we should crawl quickly ...
very cruel .... we recognize always the magic wand of Goddess Marylou ...

Anyway ... now I must go and say my prayers ....

from the book: "well thought is better than crawling slowly ..."

Author's note: Never go alone into the jungle ...

Greeting Falk