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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Unterwasserdschungel
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
120x40x50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
MP Complete Aquarium Viva Line 240 with cabinet in color Wenge.
Vor dem Umgestalten und dem Rückschneiden der Pflanzen am 04.03.2012
Nach dem Umgestalten am 05.03.12  - Auf der Rückwand sind die Algen gut zu erkennen,
Nach dem Umgestalten am 05.03.12  Auf der Rückwand sind die Algen gut zu erkennen,
Nach dem Umgestalten am 05.03.12
Vor dem Rückschneiden am 30.08.12
Nach dem Rückschneiden am 01.09.12
Nach dem Rückschneiden am 01.09.12
Nach dem Rückschneiden am 01.09.12
Nach dem Rückschneiden am 01.09.12
6.5.14 vor dem nächsten Rückschnitt
6.5.14 vor dem nächsten Rückschnitt
6.5.14 vor dem nächsten Rückschnitt
Rückschnitt 7.5.14
Rückschnitt irgendwann Sommer / Herbst 2015
Dezember 2015
Algenfreie Rückwand ... nach 4 Jahren des Kampfes
Aquarium decoration:
-Terra Elos ground about 30 kilos

Suction + Mulm not be made need it there is no sludge
+ Super plant growth
+ No sharp edges
+ Very soft, decays with light pressure

- Expensive to buy (10 kilos approx 80 Euro)
- During the first 2 weeks, daily KH decreases to 0 in spite of daily increase the hardness at 5
- Daonoi - "Pogostemon helferi"
- Narrow-Vallis - "Valisneria nana"
- Indian Water Star - "Hygrophila difformis"
- Ruby Red Ludwigia - "Ludwigia repens 'Rubin'"
- Hartels water goblet - "Cryptocoryne affinis"
- Petchs water goblet - "Cryptocoryne beckettii" petchii ""

Plant roots on:

- Rosebay Javafarn - "Microsorum pteropus Narrow"
- Javafarn - "Microsorum pteropus var minor."
- Windelov's small Javafarn - "Microsorum pteropus' Windeløv"
- Narrow dwarf Peer sheet - "Anubias species"
- Sumatrafarn - "Ceratopteris thalictroides"
- Speerblatt - "Anubias barteri"

Plant on coconut:

- Speerblatt - "Anubias barteri"

Other plants:

- Green algae, almost exclusively on the AQ backplane and even there only in the upper and middle part of the rear wall, the Anstrahlbereich of neon tubes. Have the growth and spread fairly well under control, so they do not disturb me further.
Even looks pretty and of course, when they move in the flow, also serve as you can watch again and again on fast day as food for the shrimp and the Rotflossensaugbarben, also as a hiding place for the guppy offspring.
Special features of the facility:
- 2 mangrove roots
- 2 Rainbow bricks
Staked 1 Half coconut with Anubia -
- 5-10 alder cones for decoration, water treatment and food
- 3 glued jewel structure rear wall modules, adapted to the length of the basin
- Left AQ-page black self-adhesive film from the hardware store
Aquarium equipment:
- T5 2 x 36 Watt
- 1 x Dennerle Amazon Day
- 1 x Dennerle Special Plant

- 2 x Dennerle Trocal Longlife Power Reflectors

Lighting time is: 12:30 clock - 22.45 clock controlled by timer

Sunrise + Sunset + moonlight: controlled by timers.

B1 LED stick 90 cm red
B1 LED stick 90 cm blue

Sunrise: Lighting time 11:45 - 12:15 clock Rot, at 12.15 clock bis 12:30 additionally blue

Sunset: Lighting time: 22:45 - 23:15 clock Red + Blue

Moon Phase: Lighting time: 23:15 clock - 24:00 clock Blue

Currently Red LED Strip auser operation


The colors of sunrise and morning / - Evening twilight are not reproduced in the pictures, as they are in reality. Have now 3 cameras trying with all different settings ... :-( where I am an absolute amateur in the field of photography, it is certainly going to make the colors exactly.

- Current Red LED Strip turned off -

The color of the moon phase is correct.
- Eheim Professional 3 2073; Pump capacity 1050 l / h; throttled to about 3/4.
- Eheim Installation - Set 2
- Eheim filter media consisting of substrate per, BioMech, MECHpro + matching original Eheim filter tiles
- Bag Rowa Phos (To reduce phosphate)
Other equipment:
- Dennerle CO2 - Set Space 2 Kg bottle, Maxi Flipper was replaced by:

- JBL ProFlora Taifun

- Ph Controller Evolution DeLuxe Dennerle

- Dennerle Profi-Line CO2 long-term test Correct - Complete Set

- Jewel Thermometer
JBL ProFlora Taifun + PH - Elektrode + Thermometer
PH- Controller & Kabelsalat :-)
Filter & Co2 Flasche
- 7-Rotflossen Pandasaugbarbe - "Garra flavatra"

- 4 w 2 m Guppy - "Poecilia reticulata"

- 7 Schachbrettschmerlen - "Botia Sidthimunki"

- 2 w 7 m Amano shrimps - "Caridina Japonica"

- 10 Espes rasbora - "Rasbora Espei"

- 1 Hypancistrus sp. L260 - "Queen Arabesque Pleco"

- 1 Peckoltia sp. L 15 - "Striped dwarf catfish signs"

- 10 Melanotaenia praecox - Diamond Rainbow Fish

Stocking is possibly what the origin As something thrown together, but the water values ​​should match as far as actually. The behavior of all animals among themselves is entirely peaceful,
except the screw and the loach. :-)
Guppy - Pärchen
Bärblinge + Guppymännchen
Im Hintergrund meine `wuchernden` wunderschönen Hygrophila. Zu zweit schmeckts einfach
Fünfer-Pack..... an der Rückwand gut zu erkennen, wie die Algen an der Rückwand
Mjam Mjam Gurke
Picknick zusammen mit Garnele
Garnelen Weibchen
Besatz im Aquarium Unterwasserdschungel
Garnelen Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium Unterwasserdschungel
Lebendfutter + Algenvernichter = Schnecke
Peckoltia sp. L 15 - `Gestreifter Zwergschilderwels`
... und nochmals in seiner vollen Pracht
Besatz im Aquarium Unterwasserdschungel
Besatz im Aquarium Unterwasserdschungel
L260 in seiner vollen Pracht - nach einer Dauer von 2-3 Jahren hat er seine Scheu
Besatz im Aquarium Unterwasserdschungel
Water parameters:
- Temperature 25-26 degrees
- KH 6-7
- GH 9-10
- NO2 0
- NO3 10 mg / l
- PH 6.8

- Measured with JBL - water test case

- Changing the water about 30-40% per week

- Fertilization: Dennerle Plant elixir

- 5-10 AmtraProNature alder cones for natural water treatment
- TetraMin
- Tetra Guppy
- Tetra ProColour
- JBL Prawn
- JBL GranoColor Mini
- JBL GranoMix Mini
- Tetra Pleco wafer

- Frozen food: Petman premium fish: CyclopEeze + White mosquito larvae
- Amtra: living Weisse bloodworms
- Amtra: living Artemia
- Scalded nettles, spinach, peppers, potatoes, carrots, cucumber
- Bladder snails

- Several times a month living white mosquito larvae Artemia +
- 1-2 times a week frozen white mosquito larvae + Cyclops
Further information:
The fish-dealer I trust within Stuttgart:

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Expert advice, great variety of fish (see stocklist). Orders of any fish possible. It flies several times a year halfway around the world to its suppliers and their fish, breeding, housing conditions, etc to look at the spot and to examine.