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Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Pool very old, it was bought as second-hand basin itself before about 9 years and glued BEFORE USE the fluorescent bar, since February 2010 New cover jewel Duolux, new basin is being planned (combi Juwel Vision 260 or 450L)
Sicht durch linke Seitenscheibe unten
Sicht durch linke Seitenscheibe
rechte Beckenhälfte
erneut rechte Beckenhälfte
Aquarium decoration:
coated gravel (turquoise <- paint a sin of youth)
Valisneria Giganta <-left and right on the edge, medium Valisneria in the middle and the front where it is pruned regularly back
and other plants whose names I still have to determine ...
ein kleiner Ausschnitt
Special features of the facility:
2 medium-sized roots, bamboo 1 cave and 2 coconuts
Since February 2010, a large root ... updated pictures coming soon ...
Aquarium equipment:
2 tubes in the new cover jewel Duolux (rear and front what plants and the colors)
from 09:00 clock with a pause (~ 2h) in the afternoon until 22:00 clock
Eheim Professionel 2224 with 700 l / h
Other equipment:
Eheim heater 150 W (up to 300l)
17 Red neon
3 Blue catfish - Ancistren (+ regrowth)
6 marble armored catfish (get the new pool finer ground, currently being considered graining 1-2 mm in light-beige natural look)
5 Amano shrimp

(When Skalarpaar unfortunately died the female in autumn 2009, have brought the male in January 2010 to a store near you ... with a heavy heart ...)
Skalar Bock auf Patroullie
Skalar Bock = Cheffe
Kunstobjekt Neon
die rote Rasselbande
über der rechten Wurzel (drunter passiert auch immer ne Menge :-))
ein Trup der Corys
Water parameters:
t = 27-28 ° C.
PH = 7
14 ° DGH
5 ° dKH
Nitrite NO2 = 0mg / l

measured by SERA droplets test
Frozen food: black mosquito larvae, white mosquito larvae, Artemia and Daphnia
regularly live food: red and white mosquito larvae, Daphnia, white worms
In addition, even 2-3 times a week Catfish chips Sera
Further information:
Plane currently a transition to a new pool ... (~ 300L or 450L)

so, the new pool was bought yesterday! YEEEEEAAAAHHHH !!! Delivery probably ... 04.01.2011:

Juwel Vision 450 in dark brown
JBL E1500
Gravel (1 - 2 mm) in natural brown
Rear wall elements back to nature in light sandstone
Bodenfluter of Dennerle
CO2 also from Dennerle

All together to nem Super price! Before top planning with intense price Search and then from a top adviser at Stanze Garden Center in Hemmingen (south of Hannover), discussed and put together with it all, get a great rate at the end ... What you wish for more ... Can not wait until next week you go ...