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Foto vom 15. Dezember 2009
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
123x87x64,5 = 350 liters ~ 92 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool is a gem of Trigon (3eckig)
10mm glass Stossverklebt certainly seam
Cabinet and cover in dark brown
.................................................. ...........
Rear panel made of polyester resin having a structural depth of ca.1,5-10 cm
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
 Foto vom 20.09.2009
 Foto vom 20.09.2009
 Foto vom 20.09.2009
 Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 15.12.2009
Aquarium decoration:
Beige very fine sand
Grain ca.0,1-0,8 mm
2 Vallisneria gigantea (water coil)
2 Vallisneria gigantea var.curly (Gewelltblättrige Giant Vallis)
2 Vallisneria gigantea rubra Serpenta (Turned Giant Vallis)
5 Cryptocoryne aponogeti Folia MERRIL (original)
3 Cryptocoryne undulata (rippled water cup)
5 Cryptocoryne (All kinds)
1 Echinodorus Ocelot (Ocelot water plantain)

Floating plants:
Lemna minor (duckweed)
Distribution: cosmopolitan

If I made a mistake with the name, says me know, because I'm not as familiar with the Botany ...


Ferropol liquid fertilizer from JBL.

Every 5-6 months to get my plants a 3 week Düngekur of me missed ... It seems not my plants to grow schaden.Sie halt more slowly and do not care ... !!!
Furthermore, I use quite robust and uncomplicated plant.
Cryptocoryne,Echinodorus argentinensis bis zum 06.07.2009
Büschelfarn `salvina auriculata`,Südamerikanischer Froschbiss
Cryptocoryne aponogeti folia MERRIL (original) ab dem 06.07.2009
Echinodorus ozelot im Hintergrund, Cryptocoryne aponogeti folia MERRIL im Vordergrund
Cryptocoryne aponogeti folia MERRIL (original) Foto vom 22.08.2009
Special features of the facility:
Three large stones pagodas
großer Pagodenstein - links im Becken
flacher Pagodenstein - in der Mitte des Beckens
mittlerer Pagodenstein - rechts im Becken
alle drei Pagodensteine
Aquarium equipment:
Standard beams of jewel T5 tubes
The front bar is equipped with a respective tube Nature and Daylight respectively 45 watts

Length of tubes 895 mm

The rear bar is also a Nature and a Daylight tube fitted each 24 Watt

Length of tubes 438 mm

The illumination period is 12 hours.
Starting at 14 and ends at 02 clock clock !!!!

The rear bar is 12 hours. Starting 14:00 clock bis 02:00 clock
The front bar is 11 hours. Starting clock 14:30 bis 01:30 clock

There is a slight sunrise and sunset views be generated works fine and looks extremely good!

During the summer time shifts the lighting time by 1 hour ....
The pool is to the filter
JBL Cristal Profi E1500 filtered!

Technical Specifications:
max.Pumpenleistung (L / H) 1500 L
For pools up to 600 L
L / B / H 200x235x460 mm
Filter container 12 L
Voltage / Frequency (Hz) 230/50
Power consumption 35 watts
Other equipment:
Automatic heater of 250 Watt Jäger
JBL CristalProfi  e1500
JBL CristalProfi  e1500
20 Red neon
24 Rummy
8 Glowlight
1 catfish
7 marble armored catfish
2 Angel catfish (Couples) lat.Name Pimelodus pictus
3 small Koi marble scalars
1 small Goldstaubskalar
1 large Goldstaubskalarbock
Mein Pärchen in trauter Zweisamkeit
Rote Neons und Rotkopfsalmer
Rote Neons und Rotkopfsalmer
Engelwels Bock mit Weibchen- hinter der Rückwand-
Skalar Weibchen beim Eierlegen
Skalar Bock beim Besamen,Skalar Weibchen auch dabei
Skalar Weibchen beim Eierlegen
Skalar Bock beim fressen, Foto vom 20.09.2009
5 Skalarbabies, Foto vom 20.09.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009
Foto vom 17.10.2009, Skalar Bock
Foto vom 15.12.2009, Skalar Bock
Foto vom 15.12.2009
Foto vom 15.12.2009
Foto vom 15.12.2009
Foto vom 15.12.2009
Water parameters:
The water values ​​are measured weekly with test strips from JBL

GH 10
KH 7
PH 6.5
Nitrite 0.0
Nitrate 0.05

WW week approximately 25% perfectly adequate!

Water temperature 26 °
My feed is made ​​up as follows:

Novo Fect adhesive tablets
JBL Novo Grano Color (Mini)
JBL Novo Grano mix (Mini)

Frozen food:

Artemia, Red & Black mosquito larvae, krill, cyclops, daphnia

Feeding until 14/06/2009:
Every other day (-Sometimes there are also two or three days nothing to futtern-), because even not found in nature, the fish every day something edible !!!
One exception I make only "small" newcomers, then there is a certain amount of time daily fodder, but not too much. !!!

Feeding as of 15.06.2009:
Now I feed my fish on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays .... I think that this is a better solution, I'm previously came with my other feeding method always messed up ... !!!
Further information:
Hi and have a nice day ... !!!

A brief description of the construction and decoration:

In the rear area, I have a Vallisnerien forest set of soll.Die offer enough protection and shelter for my Scalar and also for Salmer plants should flutend are in the flow and my Scalar take this to excellent.

The back wall is provided in the pointed curve with openings and provides the catfish also the opportunity to swim behind this. This is very well accepted.

In the middle part of the basin, I have a large Cryptocoryne aponogeti Folia MERRIL gesetzt.Einen offshoot of this plant I have put in the right front area of ​​the pelvis and the Echinodorus Ocelot is dahinter.Die Echinodorus Ocelot is my scalars as possible spawning grounds.
The largest of the three pagodas stones I have positioned the left of the middle pelvic region. The flat stone pagodas in the middle and the middle-sized pagodas stone in the right part of the basin between Cryptocoryne aponogeti Folia MERRIL and Echinodorus Ocelot ...

In the front area the Cryptos were. set as they do not grow so high. The aim should be to achieve a gradation of plants from back to front.

The inlet is centered precisely in the top of the pelvis, the process is also set centrally between the rear walls.

.................................................. .......
Time and again in conversation: Scalar and neon !!! For me it was so that I had the Neonsschwarm first and then came the Scalar it; ie both types grew up together; works fine and there were no losses.

And finally, look forward to advice and comments from all of you, and give you also like my mustard to your pool from.

The most important:
There should always be fair and not be anything Offensive, I am not too !!!

So I'm looking forward to your suggestions and comments