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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Tanganjika 840
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
200 x 70 x 60 = 840 liters ~ 221 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Stoßverklebtes 12 mm glass; 2 lateral and 1 center strut; left-sided glued internal biofilter; 25 mm behind the bottom hole with PVC piping and ball valve for water exchange; Cabinet of Ytong stones masonry: Solid and cost-effective; Construction of the cabinet from the ground: 1 Location footfall sound absorption (the parquet for), 19 mm chipboard, Ytong stones, 10 mm polystyrene, 22 mm chipboard, 20 mm polystyrene, on the tank!
Endlich da - aber noch `ne Menge Arbeit !
Aquarium decoration:
60 kg screed sand aus'm hardware store; Grain ca 0, - 11 mm;
Diverse Anubias, Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia, Microsorum pteropus;
Special features of the facility:
3-D back walls and rock art; I wanted to hide all the technology, I still have the left side in front of internal biofilter a rear wall fitted; the filter outlet pipe I have a portion of the rock wall as a flap removable built to get to the back wall pump and the discharge pipe.
Aquarium equipment:
2 x 80 watt T5 tubes
1x JBL Tropic (4000K) with reflector
1x JBL Nature (7000K) with reflector
Lighting time 10-23 Clock
Will soon be converted to LED technology!
-Linksseitig Glued internal biofilter with Eheim Universal Pump 1250: 28 W; 1200 l / h; Hauptansaugung below, with additional Oberflächenansaugung; 4 layers of coarse foam
-Resun Quick Filter SP-3800l (2000 l / h at 25 W) in the 1st chamber: as a flow pump and quick filter to filter out the coarsest dirt (lest he immediately goes into the bio inner filter (14-daily cleaning))
Other equipment:
300 W heater, small flow pump behind the internal filter to keep the water behind the rear wall in motion;
25 Tropheus duboisi Maswa
24 Tropheus MURAGO
2 Eretmodus cyanosticus
6 Ancistrus dolichopterus for tank cleaning
Yes, I know that gives deductions ... :-) but I lead here in the stocking on honestly, what not everyone is doing here at EB, as you can see on the Beck pictures again and again!
Besatz im Aquarium Tanganjika 840
Water parameters:
will be given later;
Water change every 14 days about 50%
Tetra Phyll;
Part of Dubis I had acquired fully grown, and because my previous owner had the animals fed only TetraPhyll, go with me with it on. But what shall we also rumexperimentieren and stressed animal casings, wenn's tastes all, they are awake and multiply! ! !