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Lake Tanganjika
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
180x60x60 = 648 liters ~ 171 gallons (us)
Specific features:
A shock glued pool with a safety seam by the company Diamond aquariums.
An aluminum cover with adjustable light bar and 2x 58 Watt, separately switchable.
Gravel cover and lighting angle of 40mm wide powder-coated aluminum.

Frame is a steel frame was mounted 180x60x70cm great what a countertop. To protect against shock, I have a safety pad in 180x60 under the basin.

We needed because I live in the city and the army here is shot until you drop!

Cladding Beech chipboard (3mm) angles covered with aluminum strips and corner to the transitions. I have attached the panels with 20mm round and 1.5mm strong magnet.
30mm Arbeitsplatte mit Sichertsunterlage
10mm Styropor im Becken
Aquarium decoration:
A 10mm Styrofoam plate to protect the base plate.

50kg beige gravel 0,1-0,9mm grain
Special features of the facility:
Gem Lime Stone 3D structure rear wall, 600x550mm, on the rear wall and on the side walls. It looks really great and cheap alternative to Back to Nature.

140kg Harz basalt, built back to front enough to leave room for swimming
Aquarium equipment:
2 x 50cm White LED bar Pur switched 13:00 to 21:00

Technical Specifications:
LED aluminum bar:

* 54 x 5mm Pure White Flathead - LEDs
* 12V DC / 360mA / 4.4W - each bar
* Luminous flux 250 lumens - per bar
* Lead wire on both sides of 25cm
* Housing Aluminum
Included * 2 bracket clips per bar on delivery
* LEDs firmly cast with a transparent casting resin - IP65
* LED beam angle 90 ° -120 °
* 500mm (L) x 24mm (W) x 10mm (H)
* Color temperature 6,500 ° K 5,000 ° K
* 8.8 Watt consumption undimmed

get under www.highlight-led.de 75 €
Images under www.lichtleiste-led.de

I have designed an aluminum profile and screwed the LED strips with the clips because now I can move the bar anywhere.

Rising Sun system for pools with 170cm width:

For sunbathing on-or. Downfall:

A LED strip with 90 LEDs Light color yellow. 150cm long
A LED strip with 90 LEDs Light color red. 150cm long

Blue LED Strip with 30 LEDs to 50 cm length serves as moonlight

Daylight from 13-21 clock (8 hours)
20.55 clock starts the Rising Sun, the yellow LEDs to go up after about half an hour mix the red LEDs one to then after an hour the moon (Moonlight) rises. The remains then the night turned (moonlight course
dimmable) to the scenario in the morning from 12 clock repeatedly reversed. Moon dims from, red and yellow then dims up meddles up by 13 clock daylight turns on.
Fluval FX5 External Filter - the large high-performance filter - High filter performance + intelligent control technology.

For aquariums up to 1500 liters

Aspirating hand is unnecessary. Just let the water run in and take the filter into operation, the smart pump technology does the rest

AquaStop valves allow easy maintenance. Valve lever is rotated 90 degrees and the water outlet of the tubes is interrupted. With the valve lever and the water flow can be regulated, without harm to the Mptor. The Click-device ensures a rapid coupling and uncoupling

Soft handles constipation Free suction basket inside the filter Large intake strainer ensures fast Wasseransaugen. Encased in a fine sieve with bevelled edges, it is virtually clog-safe

2 x outlet nozzles in different directions swiveling multifunctional edge mounting system allows a flexible hose attachment to the aquarium rim, no slipping

simple water change only connect a hose to the exhaust port, the smart pump technology then provides the rest.

Above-average filter capacity through multistage filtering
The three spacious removable filter baskets, each 5.9 liters make the FX5 to one of the most powerful filters on the market - and this at a height of only 54cm! This filter materials can be optimally combined in any combination. Each basket is coated for efficient mechanical pre-filter with foam. With its handles, the baskets can be removed and separated quickly. This is the tedious filter cleaning a breeze.

Smart Pump Technology
The Intelligent pump technology with electronic control for constant monitoring of the pump ensures optimum filter performance.
The continuous measurement of speed and action of the drive magnet, allowing a powerful stream of water at low energy consumption.
The Smart Pump also regulates the self-starting mechanism by systematically the air is displaced from the filter system.
Every 24 hours interrupts the pump cycle, so that the accumulated gases can escape the interior of the filter.
By Smart Pump the filter drain and filter maintenance is easy.
The water is pumped through a drain valve through a suitable drain hose easily from the filter canister.

Technical Specifications:
For aquariums up to 1500 liters
Pump capacity: 3500 l / h
Circulating: 2300 l / h
Filter volume: 20 liters
Head (max.): 3.3m
230-240 V / 50 Hz / 48 W

Height with swivel arm 54 cm,
Upper diameter ca.38 cm
Other equipment:
A 300 watt heating element hunters, set on 26grad.

A GroTech Reef Stream pump flow RS 5000/5000 l / h at 12 watts now flooded my pelvis.
Have you placed behind left in the tank, makes a lot of steam and is a very convenient alternative to Tunze.
8 Pseudotropheus elongatus Usisya + pups
1/1 Aulonocara Red Rubin
1/1 Aulonocara Eureka
3/2 Sciaenochromis fryeri Ahli against too much youth but does not help
11 synodontis petricola
Neolamprologus tretocephalus
Water parameters:
Sera droplets test!

Will be updated soon!

Each week 50% water change

Without conditioner.

Every 4 weeks 500 grams salt into the pool.
Tropical Malawi Mix
Sera granugreen

On Sundays there are white mosquito larvae

All in exchange!

Monday is day of fasting!

JBL Malawi:

* With 38% of high-quality and high-protein spirulina algae (S. platensis) +
* Investigations into the grave breach lakes prove that the algae-grazing
Eating cichlids eat diatom and blue-green algae (Cyanophyta) and not, as often presumed, green algae!
* With the algae receiving the animals eat 2-10% animal proteins through the micro-organisms that live in the algae. This is accomplished through the shrimp share in the feed.
Grano mini Vert:

# Ideal size of food for ornamental fish 3-10 cm.

# Vegetable raw materials and vegetable fibers create a humane and healthy eating plant and algae eating fish.

# Brief heating creates an optimal digestibility of the food, thereby reducing water pollution.

Sera granugreen:

Green granulated food for algae-grazing cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika.
sera granugreen contains a high content of carotene-rich spirulina algae, thus promoting the splendid coloring of these impressive ornamental fish.
Tropical Kelp Algae Flake:

A multi-ingredient flake food for everyday feeding of all aquarium fish, particularly herbivorous species and juvenile fish. This unique food contains 8% Kelp algae. (Ascophyllum nodosum), which provide many valuable substances. They improve digestion processes. Let the fish all the nutrients optimally utilize what encourages their growth and improves water parameters. Natural substances, such as in KELP ALGAE FLAKE existing mineral salts and vitamins, strengthen the immune system by stimulating the production of substances that inhibit the development of microbes.

Crude protein 44.0%
Crude fat 10.0%
Crude fiber 2.0%
Crude ash 9.0%
Moisture 6.0%
Further information:
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Pseudotropheus sp. polit

Size: 6-8cm
Behavior: assertive cichlid
Diet: nursery eater
Entertainment: pool from 240 liters with many caves and crevices
Specialties: Klein Permanent Mbuna which its color depending on the mood
can change very quickly, males are highly aggressive intraspecific
Trade name: Pseudotropheus saulosi
Locations: Taiwan Reef
Habitat: Rock
Size: 8 cm
Diet: nursery
Reproduction: maternal mouthbrooders
Aquarium: 200l

Pseudotropheus saulosi is a very popular mbuna of its small size and of moderate temperament. This type is suitable for a small Malawi beginners pool, but also in white basin to assert with greater roommates.
Labidochromis caeruleus

Size: 10-12 cm
Behavior: Peaceful, restrained cichlid
Diet: Insects and nursery eater
Entertainment: pool from 160 liters, sandy soil with some stone constructions
Features: Easy to caring cichlid, which in a large group
particularly comes into its own.

Labidochromis sp. Hongi Red Top

Trade name: L. "Hongi Red" L. "Hongi Red Top"
Locations: Hongi Iceland, Iceland Lundo, Mbamba Bay Iceland, Undu Reef
Habitat: Rock
Size: 9 cm
Diet: nursery
Reproduction: maternal mouthbrooders
Aquarium: 200l
Synodontis petricola

Trade name: ---
Locations: seeweite dissemination
Habitat: Rock / Sand
Size: 10 cm
Diet: snails, small animals
Reproduction: free spawners
Aquarium: 250l

S.petricola is a peaceful catfish that fits in almost any Malawi Tanganyika community tank. The animals are most comfortable in a group, which should include at least 4-5 animals. Only from a socialization with Sandcichliden is anticipated as these are disturbed by the catfish mainly evening and night active. During the day the catfish pull you back into caves and other hiding places.
S.petricola strongly resembles S.multipunctatus. A strong differentiator is the first ray of the dorsal fin, which is white with S.petricola.
S.petricola is a free spawners. The eggs are apparently at random in the substrate (like a tuft plants) distributed and then ignored.
Maylandia estherae (KONINGS, 1995)
Trade name: Pseudotropheus / Metriaclima estherae, Pseudotopheus zebra, Red Zebra
Locations: distributed along the Mozambican coast
Habitat: Rock
Size: 12 cm
Diet: nursery
Reproduction: maternal mouthbrooders
Aquarium: 400l
Melanochromis Maingano (cyaneorhabdos)

Trade name: Melanochromis Maingano, Blue Johanni

Size: 8-9 cm

Beck Height: from 300 liters

Detected in the part of Lake Malawi, in Likoma Iceland, here previously with Maingano, Membe Point and Point Mbako.

Usually comes in the rock habitat, and partly also in the transition zone at depths 3-18 m in front.

Feeds on the nursery, small animals and plankton in open water. In the aquarium we have had good experiences with complementary green flake food.

Behavior and reproduction:
The mostly as a lone wolf on the way translucent cichlid is not necessarily forming area, but what we have seen partially different in the aquarium. There spawning ready males have moved into a territory, which they defend vigorously against other types.

This already in the [...]