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Examples of community aquariums

Here's where you'll find many examples of how a community aquarium can be appropriately decorated.

Almost every aquarist had maintained at the start of his employment with this hobby a community aquarium.

In addition to the plants and a fish population, the harmonized more or less well, the focus often gathering of practical experience in the operation of an aquarium holds.

Important in the compilation of fish stocking must comply with the various demands on water conditions and diet, which should match as far as possible from different habitats despite the origin of the animals. The behavior of individual species should not become a stressor for less robust species. It is especially difficult, when aggressive species like cichlids with peaceful aquarium fish as Colisa lalia, Rotstreifenbarben (Puntius denisonii), purple head barbels (pethia nigrofasciata), Flame Tetra (Hyphessobrycon flammeus), superb Barben (pethia conchonius) or Brocade Barben (Puntius semifasciolatus ) want to socialize.

In the beginning, those fish most interesting for socialization in the community tank, which are less demanding for aquarists. Particularly suitable for billfish, Platys, guppies or catfish.

If a community tank should be heavily planted itself recommends the use of a CO2 system.

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