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Examples of aquariums with fish from Lake Malawi

Here's where you'll find many examples of how an aquarium with fish from Lake Malawi can be appropriately decorated.

The cichlids of the East African Malawi inspire for many years the aquarium. With its variety of color clothes they are now among the most popular aquarium fish that show with their mouth brood care an extremely interesting brood care behavior in the aquarium.

An attitude of ornamental fish from Lake Malawi is possible in larger aquaria of 200 liters. Best in the biotope aquarium. Many species require due to their behavior but also much larger container that müsssen be set according to the respective needs. When aquarium set up for rock-dwelling Mbunas make sure that numerous hiding places and stone constructions arise, abide utaka and fish-eaters that are grouped together as non-Mbunas, preferably on sandy areas with plenty of swimming space on.

Also in the diet, the otherwise quite robust Malawi cichlids have often special requests: Depending on the kind of the diet must be designed purely vegetable or even with a high protein content.

At observance of some fundamental rules, most species from Lake Malawi are also suitable for an entertainment by aquarium beginners.

Among the best known and most popular representatives of the cichlids of Lake Malawi Labidochromis caeruleus "Yellow", Pseudotropheus demasoni, the genre of Peacocks (Aulonocara) Fossorochromis rostratus or the species of the genus Nimbochromis belongs. In addition to the natural, so in Lake Malawi species present, there are in the hobby also cultivated varieties such as Aulonocara Fire Fish

Can be planted biotope a Malawi Aquarium with Vallisneria. Not quite near to nature, but possible, is a planting Anubias.

To set up an aquarium for Malawi cichlids as close to the natural conditions in Malawi, it is usually recommended to imitate with a flow pump the water conditions on the steep, rocky shore zones.

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