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16.09.2008 - Gesamtansicht
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
100 x 40 x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Cabinet I have built themselves. Also, it's my first pool. About Verbesserrungsvorschläge I would be very grateful.
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Sandzone für meine Welse
Wasser marsch!
Aquarium in meinem Zimmer
rechte Seite des Aquariums
linke Seite des Aquariums
Aquarium decoration:
10 kg JBL AquaBasis plus
65 kg aquarium gravel with 2mm grain
Javafarn (Microsorum pteropus)
Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea lotus)
Cryptocoryne wendtii
Java moss
Hygrophila polysperma
Special features of the facility:
3 x roots
a couple of river pebbles
1 x coconut shell
Die kleine Höhle
Aquarium equipment:
1 x light bar with 2 x 45W T5 tubes (89.5 cm)

1. light (rear)
1 x 45W Tropic Water plants
equipped -with reflector

Lighting time:
13:00 clock until 23:00 clock (10 hrs.)

2. light (front)
1x 45W JBL Nature

Lighting time:
15:00 clock until 23:00 clock (10 hrs.)

Moonlight: (cold cathode)
23:00 clock until 2:00 clock (3 hrs.)
I Filter:
External Filter
TetraTec EX 700
-For Aquariums up to 250 liters
-Pumpenleistung 700l / h
-Filterkapazität 6.6 l
-4 Filter baskets
-TetraTec Kermik-rings and on Biological Filter Foam
-TetraTec Bio Filter Balls
-TetraTec Biological Filter Foam (2 pcs.)
-TetraTec Biological Filter Foam, then carbon filter medium and fine filter fleece

The feed is left in the aquarium. The return is at the left side of the aquarium.

Filter II:
Internal filter
A chamber filter
-Pumpenleistung 7l / h
Other equipment:
TetraTec HT 150 heater


CO2 system "Complet" of Aqua Medic
-350g Reservoir bottle
-CO2 Pressure reducer
-CO2 Flipper (Dennerle dazugekauft)
For aquariums up to 500 liters.

CO2 is light Switched 13:00 clock until 23:00 clock.

Nitratereductors bypassed the filter. Throughput rate: 1.5 l / h
CO² Flipper + Blasenzähler
CO² Anlage - Schaltwerk - Wasseraufbereiter und div. Zeug
TetraTec EX 700 Außenfilter
10 x Paracheirodon axelrodi - Red Neon
9 x Corydoras agassizii - silver stripe cory
5 x Diamond Sklar (juveniles)
nochmal ein Skalar
soo nun erkennt man die Skalare
kleine Gruppe von Skalaren
Water parameters:
PH: 6.7
KH: 4.2
GH: 8
CO2: 20.0 mg / l
NO2: nn
NO3: 7 mg / l
Fe: 0.05 mg / l
PO4: 0.0 mg / l
Temp .: 27 ° C
Dried fodder:
TetraMin (Flakes)
JBL Grano mix (granulate)
TetraWafer Mix (Tabs)
JBL NovoFex (Tubifex)
Elos Fish Food medium (granulate)

Frozen Food:
White and black mosquito larvae

Live food:
Daphinien, Artemia
Further information:
PPs Pro System
a 500 ml. bottle valued at
Potassium sulphate
Potassium nitrate
Magnesium sulfate / epsom salts
fertilized is daily from 3 ml of PPS per solution and the Volldüner of Dennerle (V30). This is dosed daily with 1 ml for a very high iron content.

Water change:
7-day about 20% -30%
The water is previously made suitable with water treatment agents aquarium and then I said there was still GH / KH + from Dennerle purely to a KH content of 4.2 and a GH content of 8 to come, because with me out of the line 0.5 KH come out.