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900Liter Viktoria
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Victoria
Tank size:
250 x 60 x 60 = 900 liters ~ 237 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Water supply and drainage basin under (directly on / in the filter), therefore very simple Wasserewechsel.
Aquarium Becken 874
Aquarium Becken 874
Aquarium decoration:
50 kg Vogelsand (voher x-times washed): has a beneficial effect on pH and KH from.
[08/05 Crinum thaianum, Anubias: grow and are eaten (unlike Vallisnerien) NOT.]
Special features of the facility:
two "cairn" with many small and large caves
Back: DIY gray grout. Three cuts were "cast" and contacting the surface with a spatula in shape. The three pieces were then brought isn Aquarium and dor connected with grout. Washing time: 2 month with water changes until conductivity remained constant.
Aquarium equipment:
1 x 36 watt fluorescent tube: "African-Lake"
1) 4-chamber filter under pool (80 x 35 x 40: 112 liters) filled with filter wool, expanded clay and Lavabruch (of hydroponics), also blue Schumstoffmatten. Pump (Hagen Power Head 802 1500 l / h) l / h: Water runs through overflow in the filter tank under Aquarium and is pumped in from the pump up again.
2.) flow pump (1400 l / h) with filter cartridge, this "filter" ensures the correct flow.
Other equipment:
150 + 1 x 300 watt heater thermostat in filter basins, 1 x 150 watts in the aquarium itself.
Pool was stocked with new Victoria.
Update follows!

[09/2004] by a technical fault, unfortunately the entire stocking went to lost !!!

[08/2004]: fish appear to be fully grown, see photos.

20 Haplochromis thick skin like CH44 (own offspring, parents in other basins
[08/05: currently 1 fully colored males => Photo, remaining females or inferior males, CH44 is BOSS in AQ, occupied the free swimming space of the right half of the pelvis and has real "work" the against the mass of fish and especially against 2 Ruti Iceland, which Your little area set up in "his" pile of stones to defend.]
8 x Pundamilia nyererei Ruti Iceland
[05/05: currently 3 fully colored males, 1 has left half of the AQ, the other two each have a large cave in the right rock piles, so that you each other (and CH44) can not see. Rest are probably females.]
8 x Astatotilapia piceata
[08/05 currently 2 fully colored males who have the basin divided into two halves. Strangely, there are rarely armed with CH44 or Ruti Iceland, although the grounds of piceatas overlap significantly with tion modifiers leads districts, but there seems to be a "standstill agreement", possibly because the coloring is absolutely different ??? (No stripes?)
The pictures (with flash) fool you. The original light no green hue can be seen, but the male fish is absolutely nachtscharz with red fins]
8 x Haplochromis latifasciata (or Astatotilapia latifasciata, Zebra Obliquedens)
[08/05: Probably 4 males, who seem to have no solid grounds in the pelvis, although showing great colors.]

The CH44 should be very aggressive, but what I could see only limited with the parents of juveniles: In Malawi basin with Zebra, Yellow and Ahli you have "equal rights" shared with the Zebras the regency, but nothing more! There are just perch, ie it turns a hierarchy, but it was in connection with the CH44 no losses, so I'm assuming that the selected trim work. Previously [08/05, pool is now 9 months with full Fischvbesatz] works very well!

[08/05: In the last month every 4 Aten have at least 1 x spawned, pregnant females swim in the pool. Have no juveniles seen.]
Pundimilia nyerei Ruti Island
Astatotilapia latifasciata
Astatotilapia piceata, m+w
Pundimilia nyerei Ruti Island
Astatotilapia latifasciata, m
Astatotilapia latifasciata, Kopfansicht
Pundimilia nyerei Ruti Island, Kopfansicht
Pundimilia nyerei Ruti Island
Haplochromis thiuk skin like, CH44
Astatotilapia latifasciata
Haplochromis thik skin like, CH44
Haplochromis thik skin like, CH44
Astatotilapia piceata, m
Astatotilapia piceata, w
Astatotilapia piceata, m
Water parameters:
Temp .: 25 ° C pH: 7.8; KH: 13 ° dKH; GH: 16 ° dGH; NO2: <0.02 mg / l, NO3: 15 mg / l
Tetra Cichlid Sticks, Tetra Cichlid Flakes, Astra Spirulina Sticks, JBL Tabis
Further information:
Cabinet and cover is homemade: pool stands on Ytong bricks, cladding with laminate.