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mein Schmuckstück im Wohnzimmer
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
170 x 70 x 60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Special production of Zoo Zajac, especially for my living room
Aquarium Becken 856
Aquarium Becken 856
Aquarium Becken 856
Aquarium Becken 856
Aquarium decoration:
fine, bright quartz sand, gray as a contrast to the back wall and the stones
almost exclusively Anubias, 1 mother plant Valniserie
Special features of the facility:
gray river - stones, to contrast with the sand and the rear wall, natural look and is ne cheap version.
2 rock back panels, a main rear wall of the rear window and a side wall on the right pane, provide the fish optimum safety and is optically not be topped.
Aquarium equipment:
2 x 56 W Power Glo, lighting time 10 hours
1 External Filter Eheim 2080 prof. 3, with about 1,700 l / h
1 Quick Filter Powerhead about 2,500 l / h
Other equipment:
1 hunter heating 300W
4/6 Copadichromis MŁÓTO ivory
3/5 Aulonocara red ruby
1/5 Lethrinops Marginatus

Pictures of Red Rubin and MŁÓTO Ivory follow shortly

several smaller Ancistrus catfish

Here are some pictures of my fish, from other my pool
junger Baenschi Bock, ca. 10 cm, schon fast aufgefärbt
warum heißt der wohl electra...
Aulonocara Firefish
Lethrinops Marginatus WF-Bock
Penochilus Mdoka
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 856
Electras bei der Balz
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 856
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 856
Vater und Sohn
nachdem vom Vater getrennt, noch roter... :-)
Cop. Mloto Ivory
meine neuesten Errungenschaften, feuerrote firefish...
Aulonocara spec. firefish
Aulonocara spec. firefish
Water parameters:
NO² 0
NO³ 5
GH 15
KH 10
pH 8
Temperature: 25 ° C
Flake food (JBL Novo Grand), sticks, frozen food (Artemia, white mosquito larvae, Mysis, krill ...)
Mainly TetraRubin and Spirulina flakes
Further information:
Water changes I make every 7 - 10 Days ca. 30 - 50%