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November 2007
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
150x50-60x60 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Juwel Vision with curved windscreen
Aquarium decoration:
25ltr. JBL Aqua base culture medium, it 70kg Dennerle quartz gravel 1-2mm dark brown grain,
by terracing in 3Ebenen
. z Zt anything, growing fast, the classics. giant water friend, Rotala, water frond, Amazon sword plants in the foreground Sagitaria sabulata (which I'm not quite sure here) was because the pool remodeled and furnished at 04:08:12. Fertilization: weekly Easy Life Pro Vito, daily EasyLife Carbo.
Special features of the facility:
large root, 3 Tonhöhlen different. Size as hiding places, stone wood
Aquarium equipment:
Rear T5 54W per Trocal Plant and Amazon Day, lighting period of 8.00 - 13.00 clock and 16.00 - 22.00 clock, Wednesday did not (rainy)
Front T5 54W per Trocal Plant and ColorPlus, lighting period of 17.00-21.00 clock
Eheim Professional 3 Electronic 2078 left normal outlet, right in addition skimmer connected to tee, working fine, inlet coupled with external reactor MidiJet 50 2ltr for CO2, filter material clay tubes, 6ltr Eheim Substrate pro, daytime filter performance throttled to minimum night performance on Max
Other equipment:
Dennerle Duomat with underfloor heating (night setback, summer circuit), no additional heating element, Dennerle PH Controller, 6kg CO2 bottle, PH value is adjusted to 6.8
Technik im Aquarium Becken 7088
25 Red Neon
20 Rummy
8 pangio (Pangio Pangia)
10 Otocynclus
10 marbled dwarf armored catfish (Corydoras habrosus)
2 worm-eating snails
Water parameters:
kh 4
gh 7
pH 6.8
20 mg NO3
no2 nn
Temp. 26Grad

14 days changing the water about 100 l, adding Dennerle TR7
Frozen food (bloodworm, krill, daphnia, Tropical Mix) Dry food (Tetra Min, wafer mix, Delica, Pro)
Further information:
stocking I have partially been a few years