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Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
107x107x60 = 390 liters ~ 102 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The Triangle basin is flat to the wall there behind in the corner inside a utility shaft has been installed. By 80 mm bore all hoses and cables are routed downwards.
Aquarium decoration:
White quartz sand 0.8 to 1.0 mm grain size with nutrient soil for the plants
Anubias (unfortunately I do not known the exact nature)

Special features of the facility:
Aquarium equipment:
Cover is a self-made from Kunstoffprofil (I received from an aquarium Bauer). -Burner lightbar with T5 tubes (1x JBL Solar Ultra Colur 1x JBL Tropic)
Filter basins 50x50x50 cm (three chambers with filter material as a chamber Kalrkammer) The main pool has no filter shaft is therefore built with a self-operated overflow the filter tank.

1x JBL Christal Profi 120 (albeit with a 250 pot). This filter sucks the air with a Defusor from the overflow.
Other equipment:
Overflow without a hole in the aquarium are not a problem. Have me as on the page


Described an overflow of 32mm PVC pipe built. This I did not glued but wound with Teflon tape. The pipes are all tight and the big advantage is time they can still twist. But you should make sure that it all fits very tightly, otherwise the pipe system could solve.

In addition to the copies an overflow I have no glued an air hose in the first U-shaped part, this is flush with the inner wall of the pipe from (as is the to no turbulence and noise)

At this small hose I have connected a Defusor (Venturi). The Defusor is driven by the JBL 120.

Now the trick to the whole thing. The Defusor will suck air until the overflow is full with water and starts to tiles. So the system runs almost by itself.

To reduce the noise levels even further I have a Durso Standpipe-INSTALLING. (Coming up in the T-piece and is a tube with a cap incl. Hole and a small air hose)

The overflow is powered by an Eheim 1048 pump.

The whole system is totally silent you do not hear the quiet running of Pupem.

Tried more water to send us the 32 mm PVC pipe, which works well (tested myself) but then we the whole system much too loud and the beautiful aquarium can not be operated in the living room.
8 x Diskus
6 x Sterba's Corydoras
1 x Panda cory (unfortunately only one, but he is the grandpa in the basin - 8 years old)
25 x Red Neon
20 x Armano shrimp
Several Calendula Hand shrimp
Frozen Food:
Beef heart

Sera discus main feed
Tropical Discus Gran D-50
Tropical Discus Gran Wild
Tropical Krill Gran