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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 583
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
LUXOR digital control
Hier Leuchten die Leuchtstoffröhren mit 3% Leuchtkraft
Und zu guter letzt hab ich noch eine Nachtbeleuchtung installiert. Mit 2 blauen und
Aquarium decoration:
50kg sand
1: Hygrophila polysperma var CEYLON - Ceylon water friend.
2: Ludwigia palustris - Reddish Ludwigia
3: Nymphaea lotus var viridis - Green Tiger Lotus.
4: Echinodorus barthii - Double red Osiris sword plant
5: Cryptocoryne wendtii "Brown" - water trumpet
6: Echinodorus bleheri - Large Amazon sword plant
7: Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green" - Green-leaved Water Goblet
Diese wunderschöne Pflanze heißt Echinodorus barthii
Special features of the facility:
2 large roots, different stones, Muschlen, coconut shell
Toller Effekt. Eine weisse LED mit einem Sprudelstein
Aquarium equipment:
As lighting I use 2x38 watt fluorescent tubes.
To get the nature a little closer I use the LUXOR digital control.

Thus, the fluorescent tubes can be continuously dimmed from 100% to 3%.
Sunrise / sunset and cloud effects can be optimally simulated.
To simulate the moonlight I use 3 LEDs which einschlatet depends on the main lighting to 1:00 clock.
Is filtered by a EHEIM Professional II 2026th
Other equipment:
For heating, I use a 150 watt heating element of the hunters depend on a timer.
This natural temperature conditions and optimal growth climate can be simulated.
At night the temperature drops to about 25 ° C. During the day, it rises again to 27 ° C.

CO2 system:
It all started with a Bio-CO2 system. However, to me the CO2 production was irregular
so I treated myself to a proper CO2 system of Papillon with pH control, solenoid valve and a 2 kg CO2 bottle in July 2003.
The CO2 do I start in my outer suction basket filter.
Technik im Aquarium Becken 583
2 kg CO2 Flasche
Blasenzähler, Magnetventil, pH-Meter
 LUXOR Digital Steuerung.
20 neon tetra
3 Scalar
2 Blue gouramis
1 mosaic gouramis
5 Blue catfish
1 Giant Shrimp
2 calluses catfish
2 Black Dornauge
1 purple splendor cichlid
some tower snails

These fish really get along all very good.
Could not observe any attacks.
Riesen Garnele
Zwergfadenfisch (Hab ich aber nicht mehr)
Kampffisch (Hab ich aber nicht mehr)
Purpur Prachtbuntbarsch (Weibchen)
Water parameters:
Water Temperature: Night: 25 ° C Day 27 ° C
pH: 6.9 to 6.95
Carbonate hardness: 4 ° dH
General hardness: 7 ° dH
Nitrite NO2: 0 mg / l or nn
Nitrate NO3: 0 mg / l or nn
Phosphate PO4: 0.5 mg / l
Conductivity: 450 ĩS

A partial water change of 30% - 35% I do every week.
Frozen Food: Red-rind whiteness mosquito larvae, Mysis
once a week flake food and dried bloodworms
Further information:
The aquarium should be a "colorful" community tank.

Bin übgigens already on the lookout of a 200x80x60 pool.