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Description of the aquarium:
Mixed East Africa tanks
Tank size:
100 x 60 x 40 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Low Budget Solution: pool (20 euros) from second-hand with a relatively large footprint (0.49 square meters) compared to the number of liters. Subsequently DIY Interior filter installed (see below).
Detailansicht rechte Hälfte (mit dem Filtereinzugsschacht)
Aquarium decoration:
Feiner, beige sand from the aquarium business ("clean sand" smulders.nl) - Nevermore another. Not one color, has fine black pigments. Bad experiences with play box sand (too light, too fine). Never again gravel.
Cryprocoryne usteriana / aponogetifolia
Cryptocoryne wendtii (Narrow Version)
Anubias spec. Barteri (long-handled version)
Fertilization is rare, but regularly with my selbstgefertigtem "10-component fertilizer" (if interested inquire).
schmalblättrige Cryptocoryne wendtii-Variante (Foto aus einem anderen Becken)
vor dem Düngen...
...nach dem Düngen
Special features of the facility:
A few stones in the background as a hiding place, mainly red sandstone, little hole rock
Aquarium equipment:
Low budget solution (5 euros): luminous tube combination from the hardware store, a little too long for the basin. 1 times 36 Watt Cool White (will eventually be replaced with OSRAM Lumilux Plus). Light time about 11 hours a day (without a break, of course).
About the tube is somewhat supported a reflective film which is doubled at least subjectively, the illumination roughly.
DIY internal filter. In principle, a two-chamber filter. The aquarium water passes through a gap between 2 vertical glass plates on top of the filter material. This consists of several superimposed 3 cm medium-coarse filter mats. It is enough at this stocking in principle, every 2-3 months to clean the upper filter mats, which are easily accessible. Among the mats to detritus accumulates, which plays an important role in the biological filtration. The aquarium water is bypassed after passage of the filter mats on this sludge without disturbing them.
In the second chamber is located above a 1250s EHEIM Centrifugal pump whose outlet is the outlet opening into the aquarium. With an output of 1200 l / h, the pelvis is approximately circulated six times per hour.
About the filter mats is enough space for 1-2 Spawning to between pimps newly hatched juveniles.
Other equipment:
Tronic heater (never again another)
6 Xenotilapia ochrogenys kigoma F1 (1.3 was scheduled after it but then mind. 2 males were, were still two "hopefully Bitch" to buy. The overall ratio is still unclear.
1.1 Callochromis pleurospilus kigoma WF (wanted more females, the rest was in the sale of the importer's pool)
Now comes the Kigoma Coast Stilbruch:
1.3 Aulonocara maylandi maylandi
2 Ancistrus

The Sandcichliden keep solely on the ground on which Aulonocara maylandi maylandi mainly in the middle water layer. So there are no crowds.

I want to leave unmentioned the good spirits of the basin, the Tower snails.
brütendes Callochromis pleurospilus-Weibchen kurz vor dem Freilassen der Jungen
Callochromis pleurospilus kigoma-Männchen - charakteristisch für die Standortvariante:
Callochromis pleurospilus-Männchen beim Nestbau
Callochromis pleurospilus-Päarchen beim balzen
Xenotilapia ochrogenys kigoma-Männchen beim balzen
silberfarbenes Callochromis pleurospilus-Weibchen
Xenotilapia ochrogenys kigoma-Weibchen bei ihrer Lieblingsbeschäftigung...
imponierendes Xenotilapia ochrogenys kigoma-Männchen
sich umfärbendes Aulonocara maylandi maylandi-Männchen mit schöner Blesse
sich umfärbendes Aulonocara maylandi maylandi-Männchen
maulbrütendes Aulonocara maylandi maylandi-Weibchen - die Jungfische sind winzig
winzige, frisch geschlüpfte Aulonocara maylandi maylandi
Water parameters:
KH 16
GH 17
pH 7.5
Flakes (Vipan Sera, Tetra Min), frozen food (mainly Artemia [GoldenGate, never again another] White ML, rare water fleas)
Further information:
The pool is small for the borderline Sandcichliden. For Callochromis pair of space, sometimes I'll buy more still 2 female ranges. Once it "going on" in the current teenage Xenotilapia males, I'll disconnect or need to purchase a larger pool. With one male should however go actually. That a single Sandcichliden males shows no color, refute at least the images of Callochromis pleurospilus males. The Xenotilapien you will see ...

More pictures to follow ... Technology