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Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
20×20×25 = 30 liters ~ 7 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
Dennerle DeponitMix
Black Garnelenkies
Glossostigma elatinoides
Eleocharis acicularis
Fontinalis hypnoides
Cryptocoryne beckettii
Echinodorys grisebachii
Special features of the facility:
Fertilizer Dennerle V30 Complette
Black Cones
Nano crusta-Fit
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner
Aquarium equipment:
Dennerle Nano Light Lamp
Dennerle Eckfilter
Other equipment:
Dennerle plants fertilizing bio set for AQ to 60l
Osmose Compact 130 system
CO2 long-term test
10 Zwergbärblinge
5 Orange Sakura shrimp
3 racing snails
Water parameters:
Kg 9
Gh 10
Ph 7
No2 0.0 mg l
Dupla Rin Foods for small fish
Further information:
The fish and shrimp are fed (13:11) to AQ yesterday, I wanted to first White Pearl Shrimp, but in all 3 stores where I was there was not, and I have decided finally for the Orange Sakura. Of those unfortunately there were only 5 pieces. I'm considering now whether I should order them on the Internet, or wait that the store arrives something that small have now crawled and you do not see much of them. I would like to put more ene shrimp, thought of tiger prawns, and if you still may use a couple Dario Dario at the pool size ...
Sorry, my German is not perfect, is not my native language ...