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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 32282
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
100x40x40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
leeres Aquarium
Technik angebracht
erstes Layout
erster Tag
Aquarium decoration:
30 Kg Sand diamond white

5 Kg coarse gravel

big fat blade - Bacopa caroliniana

Elodea nuttallii - Egeria najas

delicate water goblet - Cryptocoryne Lucens

Becket water goblet - Cryptocoryne beckettii

pipped water goblet - Cryptocoryne balansae

big brown water goblet - Cryptocoryne wendtii

small water Stern - Pogostemon helferi
Bepflanzung und ersten Teil Wasser eingefüllt
Special features of the facility:
Slate / breakage: because it is slate quarry, I scrubbed them with a wire brush on the edges to exclude that there are sharp Did what the animals could be injured. The plates I have even broken, so this was necessary.

2 gray stones


without rear wall / screen
Wurzel, Steine,Terasse mit Schiefer und Sand eingerichtet
vor der Bepflanzung
Aquarium equipment:
Cover jewel type Duolux with reflectors

as lighting, I decided for tubes from Dennerle:
1x Trocal Super Color Plus T8 30W
1x Trocal de Luxe Amazon Day T8 30W
Fluval internal filter U4 three phases:
actually for aquariums of 240 liters.
Performance and technical data:
Flow 1000 liters / hour
230-240 V / 50 Hz / 10 Watt
Other equipment:
Timer for lighting

Heating 200 Watt - the aquarium is not heated and is at room temperature. The heating is only for security so that the temperature does not fall below 22 ° C

Air Pump Elite
drei Kammern innenfilter
8x yellow cardinal fish - Tanichthys albonubes Gold
Origin: Asia Australia

3x striped splendor fin sucker - Sewilla lineolata
Origin: Asia

6x pentazona barb - desmopuntius pentazona
Origin: Southeast Asia

1x Panda splendor algae eaters - Garra flavatra
Origin: Myanmar

Amano shrimp - Caridina multidentata
Origin: East Asia
Tanichthys albonubes `gold`
Desmopuntius pentazona
Sewilla lineolata
Water parameters:
The aquarium is still in the running-in phase. "Seeding" For I have expressed Filterwatte and a piece of coarse filter mat from a long-running Aquarium in fresh water. Although this did not look nice but from what I've read here probably accumulate a good alternative to the water with plenty of bacteria.

Temperature: 24 ° C - this varies slightly as the water heats up during the day by lighting
Frozen Food:
red, black, white mosquito larvae

Dried fodder:
Sera Vipan
Sera shrimp Natural granules

Further information:
This example is a low Bugdet Aquarium are. The glass and the previous technology was purchased exclusively used and cleaned in painstaking work and repaired. I started with the basin, cover heating and filters that I have purchased on 10.17.2015 from an online second-hand market for small money. I want to wait and see if I can abgewinnen this hobby something, so I decided consciously for a used aquarium. I think you can buy new still, when I again like to find this thing. I read, of course, for some time interested in this forum and look around what other users have provided here for great examples online. I therefore ask for any comments to take this into account it is not always optimally chosen the technique used and the corresponding "date" is. So it is still expandable.