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Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
40x25x25 = 25 liters ~ 6 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium I bought without cover, while it has remained.
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Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium Sand White
Grain size: 0.4 mm - 1.4 mm
ca 10 stems Egeria densa (Elodea)

4 offshoot Epipremnum pinnatum (Efeutute) on means of wire
the rear wheel is fixed.

1x Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant)

3x Spathiphyllum (strip) the Spathiphyllum have found place yet sufficiently between the big stone and the rear wheel. So they do not fall over I simply beige pushing something Filterwatte.

Fertilized water column:

JBL Ferropol plant fertilizer.

1x a week a little less than 5ml.
Einblatt,Grünlilie und Efeutute
Special features of the facility:
1 Large stone which extends over the entire back. Right and left about 3 cm space to the side windows. There is a boulder from the Rhine I have for a long time in possession and finally let to be used.

In front is a "mini landscaping stone" out of the Aquascaping area.
Aquarium equipment:
Is illuminated with 2 LED strip warm white which I have sealed properly with silicone.

Lighting time: 12 hours.
Eheim internal filter miniUP

5 W power consumption
Voltage: 230 volts
WxHxD: 33.4 x 128 x 54mm
For Nano basin 25-30l

The filter is intended to ensure first and foremost rather for a slight movement of water, filtering in the strict sense is not used necessary because no fish.
10x Neocaridina heteropoda (cherry shrimp)

6x Planorbarius corneus (horn snail)
Water parameters:
PH: 7.5
GH: 13
KH: 9
Temp: 23 °

Water change: 1x a week about 50%.