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Becken 220x60x60 Stand 25.03.19
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
220x60x60 = 792 liters ~ 209 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Aquarium of 12mm Crystal float glass, shock and bead bonding in the dimensions 220cm x 60cm x 60cm with 2 cross struts and longitudinal struts 2 and 2 piece floor.
Sewing and gluing spot on 12.09.2014
of Ennigerloh Aquariumbau

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1 LiveStream Webcamera 24 with night vision 21-12: 00h
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Video LINK bonding Locally
Video Link - Beckenverklebung Locally

VideoLink the origin of My 88 "Lake Malawi HDTV
TIME SHIFT - MOVIE about the making of My 88 "Lake Malawi HDTV

Trailer Part2 with trimming recordings 1 week after collection
Video Link Movie Trailer for My 88 "Lake Malawi HDTV PART 2

The pool cover
The cover is a Sonderanferigung of
Hr.Runge / www.Aquariumabdeckungen.com
She was taken in anger dimensions 220cm x 60cm x 10cm with 5 flaps u. Grips, the left and right rear entrances for each 4 technology.
Then the cover was painted in glossy white.

The Gestalltung pelvis was performed with 16 rock-stone imitations Company Rockzolid.
Aquarium nach der Grundreinigung am 23.03.2019
Aquarium 220x60x60 nach der Grundreinigung
Aquariumglas bewässert für die Folierung der Rückscheibe
Rückscheibe fertig foliert mit Schwarz Matt Klebefolie
Seitenscheibe foliert in Schwarz Matt
Vorbereitung der Folie zur Folierung der Seitenscheibe
Linke Seitenscheibe foliert in Schwarz Matt
Stellplatz des Aquarium im Kundenbereich meiner KFZ Werkstatt
Aufbau des Marine Systems Untergestell beginnt
Aufbau des Marine Systems Untergestell Seitenansicht
Aufbau des Marine Systems Untergestell mit Scheerwänden
Marine systems Untergestell  220x60x70 mit Weißen Scheerwänden
Marine systems Untergestell  220x60x70 Rechte Seite
Marine systems Untergestell  220x60x70 Linke Seite
Aussparung zur Stromversorgung und Durchführung von Technik
Spezialschaumband als Zwischenauflage auf den Aluprofilen
Spezialschaumband als Zwischenauflage
Aquarium auf dem Marine Systems Untergestell Frontansicht
Aquarium auf dem Marine Systems Untergestell Rechte Seite
Aquarium auf dem Marine Systems Untergestell Sicht von Oben
Aquarium auf dem Marine Systems Untergestell Frontansicht im Kundenbereich der KFZ
Runge Aquarienabdeckung Weiß lackiert Frontansicht
Aquarium decoration:
The ground is a custom blend of fine sand in 0,3-0,5mm and various gravel mixtures

100Kg 50kg browns, 50kg Beige / gray and various Okkerfarbiger pebbles and river gravel 1-3cm were total thus used.

This ground mixture was equal blended in large quantities and also partially used for editing the Rockzolid rock and stone imitations.

In addition, approximately 25kg river gravel were placed in various sizes and colors of 2-10cm on the ground.
This basin is the Africa Malawi modeled.
Therefore on large aquatic plants share is vezichtet here from personal point of view.
2 Bodengrundmischungen
Aktuelle Bodengrund Abmischung
Special features of the facility:
A landscape of rock-stone imitations

To design a Naturnahen Africa Malawi landscape were diverse
Modules and stones Company Rockzolid used.
Riverstone modules each 1x A, D, E, H, J, N, P 2x M
Stone modules A, B, D, E, F and G 2 x.

All elements were Rockzolid with epoxy resin and sand mixture from the ground machined again to obtain a smooth and more natural result. The modules have been adhered to tailored black Plexiglas panels so as not to damage more necessary for disassembly. There were partly visible entrances to the modules and Stones introduced for Rückzug- and ground facilities of Mbunas.
The back and right side of the pelvis is foiled in black.
The plexiglass windows are optically in the basin by not striking and almost invisible.
Runge Aquarienabdeckung Weiß lackiert Seitenansicht
Runge Aquarienabdeckung Weiß lackiert Seitenansicht
Rockzolid Komodo River K7
Rockzolid Komodo River K15
Rockzolid Komodo River K10
Rockzolid Komodo River K9
Rockzolid Komodo River K4
Rockzolid Komodo River K14
Rockzolid Komodo River K20
Rockzolid Komodo River K17
Rockzolid Komodo River K8
Rockzolid Komodo River K11
Rockzolid Komodo River K6
Rockzolid Komodo River K21
Rockzolid Komodo River K5
Rockzolid Komodo River K12
Rockzolid Komodo River K16
Rockzolid Komodo River K1
Rockzolid Komodo River K22
Rockzolid Komodo River K19
Rockzolid Komodo River K13
Rockzolid Komodo River K2
Aquarium equipment:
There is a LED lighting manufacturer Daytime CLUSTER CONTROL 150.4
4 Ultra Blue Red White
Ultra Blue Red White 15.000K + Peak 465nm + 650nm peak use.

Anodized aluminum extruded profile with timeless design and
Sea water resistance according to DIN 81249-1
Modular construction - cluster modules can be placed and combined as desired within a cluster profile

Daytime interface © - specially developed contact with the cluster modules
Highend LED technology from Seoul Semiconductor®
Efficiency: 120 lumens per watt | excellent color rendering: CRI> 90 | Angle: 120 °
Ultra Blue Red White 15.000K + Peak 465nm + 650nm peak
Adjustment fine nuances of color light by separately controllable groups of LEDs on a cluster module
Sophisticated thermal and hydro Management calculated by CAD heat dissipation and GORE® membrane to guarantee the light intensity and service life of at least 60,000 hours.
IP 67 - dust- and waterproof according to DIN, EN 60529.

The lighting is a GHL Profilux 3.1N eX, GHL LED Daytime Control4V2 and Converter 60W computerized.
The filter technology
For filtering of 792L Aquarium 2 external filters are used.

FLUVAL FX6 external filter
Specifications and Special Recommendations for external filters FLUVAL FX6
Suitable for aquariums up to 1,500 liters
Flow rate (l / h) of 3,500 l / h
Filter volume (liters) 20 liters
Power 41 Watt
Dimensions in cm L 39 x W 30.5 x H 51 cm
Maximum lifting height 3.3 m

Circulates through his capacity and powerful integrated motor, the full 2300 liters of water per hour, made ​​possible until 1500 liters manage water conditions in aquarium exactly.
It can be up to 5.9 liters are taken to the filter media.
With the unique, intelligent pump technology Fluval needs to be Selbstansaugungssystems just the filter to be connected to the mains and the filter starts by itself.
Every 12 hours the filter interrupts the operation to discharge air arrived in the system. In this way, the required efficiency for maximum vacuum is maintained.

EHEIM 3e 600T
Specifications of the Eheim 2178 professionel 3 Thermo External Filter
EHEIM professionel 3e 600T
For aquariums of approximately 300.00 l
For aquariums up to about 600.00 l
Heating power about 210.00 watts
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approximately 1,850.00 l
Delivery head approx (H max at 50 Hz) 2.60 m
Power (50 Hz) of 10 watts
Power (50 Hz) to 35 Watt
Filter volume 8,00 l
Vorfiltervolumen 0.60 l
Container volume 14.20 l
Hose Ø suction 16,00 / 22,00 mm
Ø hose pressure side 16,00 / 22,00 mm

Filter media used:
Eheim MECHpro
Eheim bioMECH
Filter fleece filter media

In order to optimize the suction side of the Eheim 600T has been extended with FLUVAL Oberflächenabsaugersystem.

Both external filters are in transparent boxes.
These are rollable and each with a GHL Leaksensor for notification via email and beep when there are leaks in the filter system. By Rollensytem is simplified to the maintenance of the filter.
Other equipment:
The control / Aquarium Technology
To control a GHL Aquarium Computer Type is 3.1N ex used.

Specifications and Features for GHL ProfiLux 3.1N eX
The ProfiLux 3.1N eX computer is suitable for light control, for pH measurement- and control, conductivity measurement and control, ORP measurement and control, level control and for temperature measurement.
The switchable from fresh to salt water conductivity module, the redox module and USB and LAN are also integrated.

The computer has a network connection and a web server.

Connected and installed.
PH value
Water temperature
PAB connection with 6-outlet power strip
Integrated web server and email client and APP control
WEB CAM LIVE integration

There were possibly report the leaks to the external filters addition 2 leakage sensors installed.

Lighting control
The control of the Daytime CLUSTER CONTROL LED lighting over GHL Profilux 3.1N eX and module GHL LED Control4V2.
Made color spectrum for Daytime Control Cluster of "Ajakandi" available and used to program the lighting.

For better circulation and a flow simulation in a 792L aquarium flow pump company SicceTyp Voyager HP 8 and HP2 used. These pumps are controlled by the WaveSurfer Sicce flow computer and simulate changing currents in variable intervals.

Specifications and Features for Sicce Voyager HP2

3.000l / h 7W
240 V, 50 Hz, 7W
Freshwater 200-350 L
Saltwater 60-200 L

Specifications and Features for Sicce Voyager HP8

12.000l / h 18W
240 V, 50 Hz, 18 W
Freshwater 800-1500 L
Saltwater 400-850 L

Specifications and Features Sicce WaveSurfer
The new electronic control WaveSurfer is designed for easy and effective simulation of the natural ocean current in the aquarium.
This timer for aquarium pumps enables the creation of various currents from different directions inside the basin as well as the simple adjustment of the pumps connected.
Thanks to the operating modes FEEDING MODE and NIGHT MODE, the pumps can for example during feeding off or set at night so that the water is less circulated. Simply customize to the inhabitants of your aquarium.
daytime 3x matrix 20.1 + 3x matrix UBRW + 3x GHL LEDControl4v2
daytime matrix UBRW BLUE LED MODUL
daytime matrix 20.1 UBRW RED LED MODUL
daytime matrix 20.1 UBRW White LED MODUL
Ghl Profilux 3.1Nex Datenanzeige beleuchtet (Archivbild)
Screenshot meiner GHL App auf meinem Android
Screenshot meiner GHL App auf meinem Android
GHL Powerbar PAB 6 Steckdosenleiste
GHL Modul LED Control 4V2
GHL LeakInterface
GHL LeakSensor
GHL LeakInterface + LED Control 4V2 (Archivbild)
GHL PLM-4L Profilux Erweiterungskarte auf gesammt 10 L Kanäle
SICCE XStream 6500
SICCE XStream 6500


3/7 Labidochromis sp. Mbamba F1
Labidochromis sp. "Mbamba" lives in the sediment-rich Felszone- where he finds many caves and crevices in which he was a very reclusive life führt.Die type is also encountered again and again until the transition zone. He is considered a very peaceful cichlid which neither intraspecific nor to other species shows great aggression.
While the males are strictly territorial and staying always in, or nearer their Revieres (columns / caves) are the females and juvenile males still in motion -. In search of food


2/3 Protomelas SP. Steveni TAIWAN DNZ
Protomelas sp. "Steveni taiwan" lives in the deeper regions of the sediment-rich Felsbiotops.Gerade balzaktive males rely on rocks and rocky plateau, which they defend more or less energetic than spawning ground. The P. sp. "Steveni Taiwan" is one of the nursery-eaters, while also living between the nursery diatoms and microorganisms werden.Die taken greedy so captured raw proteins make this type a significant proportion of the diet of what the question regarding socialization simplistic. The foraging is a classic group activity of this type.

1/2 Protomelas taeniolatus NAMALENJE F1
Protomelas taeniolatus is strictly bound to the rocky habitat and preferably there the sediment-free part. Protomelas teaniolatus has under the rock inhabitants a very special niche for itself gefunden.Sie indeed among the herbivorous cichlids, but ist.Wenn not entirely accurate enough plankton (during the plankton bloom) can be P. teaniolatus on excursions into the open entice water where greedy plankton is eaten. Compared to other species P. teaniolatus is disposed generally peaceful.

1/1 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi CAPEMACLEAR F1
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi among the cave-dwelling Aulonocaras.
He peopled transition zone and sediment-rich rocky zone.
But both variants is a strong reference to recognize caves.
A clear differentiation between the Übergangszone- and the rock zone Jacobfreibergis be seen. The females cavort mostly in the entrance area of ​​caves and looking in the sandy bottom for food. Only very rarely can be observed on an open sand A. jacobfreibergi. The type described here is one of the carnivorous cichlids.

1/2 OTOPHARNYX Lithobates Zimbawe ROCK F1
Otopharnyx lithobates is strongly bonded to the Felslitoral and settled there the sediment-rich part of the rocky habitat. Males of these species live very withdrawn and have a preference for large caves. The area covered by sedimentary substrate (rock) is extremely rich in microorganisms and waste (animal metabolites) .O. lithobates slurps on these products like a vacuum cleaner and checked them after the recoverability.
Just the residual nutrients in the waste products of other fish, probably of herbivorous species, poses a major dietary supplement of its kind. But zooplankton is the main food, to accept is that even micro-organisms (invertebrates) with the diet of Otopharnyx lithobates are counting.
Under these circumstances, the species is omnivorous zuzordnen the cichlids. Compared to other species, O. lithobates behaving extremely peacefully and even doing a little difficult to prevail over more aggressive cichlids.

3 X / X Stigmatochromis SP. TOLAE F1
Stigmatochromis sp. tolae (melanchros) is found almost exclusively in the more sediment-rich transition zone, which is characterized by large overhanging boulders.
Stigmatochromis "tolae" is a fish-eater and is therefore one of the carnivorous species in Lake Malawi. He captures his meals mostly over sand, but is not as heavily dependent on such as woodi the morphologically very similar kind Stigmatochromis.

Almost motionless is in wait-hunters to one meter above the substrate (usually a large rock) and waits until that a young cichlid or invertebrates venturing into promising close. Lightning fast encounters [...]
Water parameters:
GH (general hardness): 17
KH (carbonate hardness): 9
Temperature 24-25 * C
PH: 7.6-7.9
NO2 (nitrite) to 0.01 mg / l
NO3 (nitrate): 10 mg / l
CU (copper): 0.0 mg / l
NH4 (ammonium): 0.0
NH3 (ammonia): Up 0.01
PH4 (phosphate): Up to 0.2 mg / l

Values ​​with SERA droplets test determined.
Ansalzung of water in the ratio 1 g / 1l

Water change is carried out every weekend to 50%.

With every water change I use a JBL Proscape Care Glove - Gentle and thorough cleaning of all glass panels and corners.
Optionally, 1-2 times a day, and sometimes two days no feeding


Söll MSC

At will also likes to 3-4 times a month live food eg Mamorkrebse (small) from own breeding or White mosquito larvae and preparation of small shrimp snacks for the robbers ;-)
Further information:

The base frame was built of 60x20x5 (LxWxH) Ytonsteinen.
The basic dimensions are 240cm x 75cm x 65cm in a 20cm x 75cm 4 foundations x 65cm directly on screed.

Thus, 3 compartments for housing the Aquarium tax u.Filtertechniktechnik (53cm apart).
The aquarium is set to 1cm rubber mats and underlying plywood.

Dimensions plywood
45mm 245x80cm 'beech with 3 layer TEAK Oil sealed.

Centered left u. Right ventricle each 2 holes with 60mm diameter for technology and filter bags.
At the rear of Ytonmauerwerkes two 10cm x 10cm passages for control are u. Filter technology for easy Gestalltung of cabling and connection of further technology in Zukunkt.

In the space of the laminate is moved to the Yton base frame.

Front of the undercarriage are veneered with custom built glossy white plexiglass in 3mm thickness, which are secured with magnetic holders. With a sucker this Plexiglas plates may be removed.
Thus, no handles in the panels.

The left and right chambers are equipped with rollable transparent boxes so the 2 external filters are more accessible.
The control technology is installed in the central chamber.

About GHL webserver or APP of GHL Profilux 3.1Nex is at this aquarium anytime errrechbar. Thus values ​​can be checked and also functions of light, powerheads Fiter be much more controlled.

MOVIE TIME Shift - The emergence of My88 "Lake Malawi HDTV

The design and compilation was done in collaboration with Hr. Schlechtendahl (A4Nager.de) and decorating the Rockzolid elements by Hr. Bandhauer (Malawi-Guru.de).

At this point, thanks again to you all for the great support :-)