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Malawidelta 700
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
700 liters ~ 184 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is a Delta Basin with the masses leg 1,20m x 0,40m x Front page 1,13m and 0,60m height. The pool has 4 holes in the floor for the filter connections, and I have screwed 4 tank passages and each built a stopcock.
Pipework in the tank for filter input and outlet
Daytime Cluster Module an die richtige Stelle bringen
Beckenskizze mit Bohrungen
Beckenankunft der Umbau kann los gehen
Bodenbohrung rechts (genau solche Bohrungen sind auch links) und Schranklicht
Absperrhähne eingeklebt, Stommverteilung und LED Computersteuerung
erste Tür hat neue Folie bekommen
Bau der Abdeckung aus 4mm Wedi-Leichtbauplatte
Bau Abdeckung
Bau Abdeckung
Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
gleich Nacht
Aquarium decoration:
Gravel consists of a mixture of beige and black sand of grain size 0.4-0.8 of Hornbach. There are about 35kg in the basin.
None other than the self-monitored Algae
Special features of the facility:
Hinterschwimmbare rear panel of Styrofoam 1,20x0,60x0,14m, homemade with cave entrances and rock outcroppings. 10mm Styrofoam plate to protect the base plate.
Stones for the rock structures
Rückwand modifiziert
Rückwand modifiziert
Rückwand modifiziert
Rückwand modifiziert
Dekoration im Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Harz, lässt sich sehr gut verarbeiten
viel Platz zum Hinterschwimmen
viel Platz zum Hinterschwimmen
viel Platz zum Hinterschwimmen
Harz ist drauf
Chaos beim einräumen :-))
Baustelle :-)
Styropor-Felsvorsprung für Rückwand
Rückwände von vorn alt
Rückwand hinten
zweite Rückwand von hinten alt
Rückwände anpassen alt
Felsvorsprung anpassen
Rückwände wässern
von rechts
von links
Sand ist drinn
Aquarium equipment:
1xLED- RGB 1.00m and 1.50m with programmable LED RGB 1xLED- computer (Model TC-420)
Lighting of 5.30Uhr to 23h with sunrise and sunset and some dimming phases during the day to Wolkensimmulation
1 times External Filter Fluval 404
For aquariums up to 400 liters, pump capacity: 1,300 liters / hour, LxW / DxH: approximately 25x17x60 cm, filter capacity: 8.5 liters, Power: 20 Watt

1 times external filter Fluval FX5
Aquarium capacity 1,500 liters
Pump capacity 3,500 L / hr.
Circulating 2,300 L / hr.
Max. Delivery head 3.3 m
Filter volume 20 liters
Power 48 Watt

FX5 external filter
The Fluval External Filter offers unparalleled filtration performance, maximum versatility and incredible control in fine-tuning water characteristics. The multi-stage filter system makes it possible to stack filtration media in the precise combination that is most appropriate for your aquarium. This guarantees you a complete flexibility to create the ideal environment for your fish and to maintain.

Circulates its enormous capacity and powerful integrated motor, the full 2,300 liters of water per hour, enable you to 1,500 liters manage water conditions in aquaria exactly. It can hold up to 5.9 liters of filter media, yet is so compact that it fits in almost any aquarium cabinet.

With the unique, intelligent pump technology FLUVAL you simply need thanks to the Selbstansaugungssystems only connect the filter to the power grid, and the filter starts by itself. The filter fills up then with water, briefly interrupts the operation to release air and then immediately begins the filtering process. The filtering is then carried out until the unit is disconnected from the mains. Every 24 hours the filter interrupts the operation to release air in the system reached. In this way, the necessary for maximum efficiency of vacuum is maintained. Multi-stage external canister filter system
Devices for rapid, trouble-free maintenance
and water changes
Flexible media modules for maximum positioning
Other equipment:
Flow pump Tunze 6015 behind the rear wall, at times over timer is operating.
for aquariums from 40 - 200L
Flow capacity: approx 1.800l / h
Power Consumption: 3.5W

Flow pump Tunze tuned 6025, now brings almost twice the flow of surface movement
for aquariums from 40 to 200L
Flow capacity: approx 2.800l / h
Power consumption: 5W

Flow pump Sicce Voyager 4, randomly circuit in operation, aimed at the large Filteransaugkorb
Current pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums
Fresh Water: from 400 to 730L
Seawater: from 200 to 400L
Flow Rate: 6000L
Power consumption: 14W

Heating Eheim Jäger 300

Jäger Precision aquarium heater 300W for 600-1000 liter aquariums with timer from 6-23 clock in operation

The EHEIM automatic heater is an ultra-modern thermal device using the latest technology.
The new coat of special laboratory glassware it offers another an extra quality.
But besides that, you have some excellent selling points: The temperature can be precisely adjusted from 18 ° to 34 ° C and readjusted if required.
The control accuracy is +/- 2.0 ° C.
The heat is kept constant.
A light indicates the heating function.
The heater can be fully immersed, has a dry run protection and is suitable for fresh and salt water.
The glass jacket enlarges the heating surface, compresses the warmth and provides for optimum, uniform heat dissipation.
Fluval FX5
Labidochromis caeruleus yellow 4
Iodotropheus spengerae 1/3
Labidochromis Hongi red top "Deluxe" 2/4
Labidochromis sp.mbamba Mbamba Bay 2/5
Metriaclima aurora Likoma 3/8
Melanochromis johanni eastern 3/3
Metriaclima aurora Likoma
Pseudotropheus acei
Iodotropheus spengerae
Labidochromis sp. mbamba Mbamba Bay
Iodotropheus spengerae
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 28893  Malawidelta
Water parameters:
Water analysis with JBL Combi Test Set

Water temperature between 25 and 27 degrees
PH 8.0
Kh 5
No 2 <0.01
NO3 35mg / l
NH4 <0.05
Tropical Malawi
Tropical Spirulina Super Forte
Tropical Cichlid Color
Tetra Pro Crisp Multi Color
JBL Novo Rift Sticks
green cucumber and zucchini
Mix of banana and spirulina
Further information:
a weekly water changes to max. 35%