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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 27240
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
150x50x60 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
A cute Hello!

2013 I started again after 10 years of break with a 200l tank.
In November 2015, the Santa Claus had heavy to carry and gave me a 450l Basin (thanks to my darling).

After much consideration, I want to introduce it now.

Tips and suggestions are welcome angenommen.Nobody is Perfect
Der Anfang
Einsatz der Rückwand
Von hinten mit gefüllter Kammer ca.100l Filterbälle
Aquarium decoration:
Quartz gravel Rehbraun 1-2mm 5kg
Aquarium gravel 50kg
Aquariumk. Taunus 10kg
Aquariumk. light 30kg

Terraces building color Bissel deposed. For the terrace I got myself 1mm strong Pve the hardware store is very flexible. and with stones somewhat obscured.
2x Eleocharis acicularis
2x Hygrophila difformis
3x Cambomba furcata
1x Echinodorus ocelot
1x Anubias barteri
2 moss balls
Special features of the facility:
two kokusnusshälften 2 roots + root remains and a few stones.
Dekoration im Aquarium Becken 27240
Der ein oder andere Todesfall
Aquarium equipment:
2x Solar Stinger Sunstrip 1250mm 44watt with suns and Unterganfunktion
1x 1m Led farbspiel for moonlight and additional lighting.
Eheim 3PRO 2075 External Filter. for the extraction system in the central area.

an internal filter brand Eigenbau, 3 chambers fitted to the rear wall. The structure 1 = chamber bottom filter balls 1cm filter sponges fine medium coarse and above Filterwatte.
2 chamber = approx 100l filter balls in different sizes.
3 = chamber plenum with heating 300watt and an Eheim pump compact 1000
Other equipment:
Co2 plant with reactor co2 I put itself forth my recipe for my 2l conditioning: 2x 200g sugar per 3.5 g dry yeast the whole top up with 750ml water. hällt about 3-4 weeks with 3bar. Connections and valves Eigenbau. use best bottles of soda S ......, echoed the pressure best.
Licht Magnetventiel Co2
Steurung Licht Sonnen auf und Untergang
innenfilter rückwand
Technik im Aquarium Becken 27240
26 Neons
2 Antennenwelze
6 pangio
2 Golden Nugget 018/081
1 Kakadu +2 Women
3 Kampffisch ladies from our own breeding
6 shrimp
Die Damen
G. Nugget 018
Neons und Co.
Water parameters:
No3 = 0
No2 = 0
GH = <3
KH = 4.5
PH = 6.4
Chlorine = 0
Co2 = 25

The values ​​are not yet entirely in the green area,
have now started the KH and PH raise value (ph-plus)
General food (flakes)
Frozen food: red mosquito larvae, Tubiflex, krill, Muschelfleich
Further information:
Through my light switch to LED my plants have suffered a little've just got a NPK booster in use.

LED is a fine thing but plants have only once to fights.