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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawi Ambiance
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150x60x60 = 540 liters ~ 142 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard basin "Made in Germany" the company Rutschke in Berlin
Glass: 10 mm float glass, Diamond polished
Bonding: edge to edge with safety stitch, 2 longitudinal bars and 1 cross brace

Cabinet homegrown from aerated concrete blocks and two kitchen countertops. A 2cm thick Styrofoam plate is located between the upper cooking plate and the aquarium to protect.

The rear wall and the right side wall is painted blue on the outside with tinting, color: "midnight blue"
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Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Umstieg auf LED
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium Malawi Ambiance
Aquarium decoration:
approximately 35 kg of black and white color sand (0.4-0.8 mm), mix in the ratio 1: 1
no plants
Special features of the facility:
Stones (150kg) called "freckle Stone"
Aquarium equipment:
- Cover in gray / metallic company Runge
- Lighting by two dimmable LED strips (1 white, 1 red and blue)

The white LED is dimmed to 25%, the red and blue at 50% (as do much brighter).
The white LED is 16-24 clock, red and blue of 18-2 clock (2 hours nightlight). As can be seen on the main picture, the lighting is dim rather kept because it looks so much more natural and 1. bit "spooky" and also so well feel the fish at ease.
Eheim 2080 Professional 3 for AQ to 1200 liters (expanded with the Eheim installation set 1 & 2 and with original EHEIM filter media)
Other equipment:
- Jäger Precision Regulator Heater 250 W, for 400-600 liters
- Flow pump GroTech Reef Stream RS 5000 (running daytime, at night it is made)
- Labidochromis caeruleus yellow (5m / 4w)
- Sciaenochromis fryeri (1m / 3w)
- Protomelas taeniolatus (1m / 2w)
- Synodontis petricola (7 piece m / w unclear)

The Yellows I get as juveniles, and the group is working well, but it will increase even to 2-3 females. The Geschlehcterverhältnis at the S. Petri Cola is unclear because they are only about 3cm tall.
Water parameters:
Kh- 13
Ph 7.5
GH 18
NO²- 0.02 mg / l
NO³- 4 mg / l
NH³- 0.01 mg / l
NH4 0.05 mg / l
Temp. 25 ° C

Water change is 1x week 50%.
- JBL Novo Tanganijika
- Tropical Krill Flake
- Tropical Malawi
- Tropical Super Spirulina Forte (36%) granules
- Tropical Tanganyika Chips
- Tropical Cichlid Color
- Homemade frozen foods from fresh shrimp
- Frosttfutter Tubifefx
- Frozen Food Cichlidenmix
- Frozen food glass shrimp

Feeding erfogt to no fixed times 1-2x a day, 5-6 days a week, week 1-2 fasts
Further information:
My goal was to keep the device as possible to nature and to orient myself to the more rock-rich transition zone in Lake Malawi. The stones are of their shape her very plump (any pointed or sharp corners) and optically correspond roughly to what can be found in Lake Malawi. Through the stones much caves and fissures arise so that there are many retreat possibilities. The Synodontis found to mang the stones safe places where they can stay during the day. The caves and crevices also enjoy at the Sc. Fryeri and the Yellows great popularity. The many Steinplateus also an excellent match for the demands of Protomelas which they claim like it Balzen and meanwhile as a ground.