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Mein Aquarium September 2021
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
150x70x70 = 735 liters ~ 194 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Three chamber internal filter (1 Powerhead 802 ltr. Std.)
Filled with: Sera siporax, sera super carbon, sera biopur, sera biofibres and Filterwatte

Hole in the bottom plate for connecting an external filter Eheim 2224
Filter is cleaned every three months.
Pomacentrus melanochir
Dascyllus melanurus
Pterapogon kauderni
Hemichromis Lifalilis
Stenopus hispidus
Labroides dimidiatus
Amphiprion percula   Anemonenfisch
Zebrasoma flavescens /gelber Seebader
Chromis viridis
Aquarium decoration:
coarse coral sand 2 - 3 cm
Entacmaea quadricolor
Diadema setosum
Pflanzen im Aquarium Becken 1830
Pflanzen im Aquarium Becken 1830
Erythropodium carihaeorum    (Affenhaar)
Sinularia dura
Sinularia brassica
Capnella sp
Entacmaea quadricolor1
Gelappte Lederkoralle     (Alcyoniidae)
Discosoma spec.
Special features of the facility:
Member of device examples are 2005

The previous basin was currently up to 19.8.2013 120 x 60 x 60 = 432 ltr. seen in examples of the interior.
This basin was already 18 years old and had to replaced for safety reasons

The new saltwater aquarium has dimensions of 150 x 70 x 70
The relocation of the old into the new aquarium took about 8 weeks.

Here are some details of the move:

1. There were about 200 ltr. fresh water aquariums recognized.
2. Two one-meter aquarium were asked yet ready.
3. These pools were set up to half with Altwasser
4. invertebrates, reef rock, fish were distributed implemented in two basins,
the pools were filled as needed with freshly prepared seawater.
5. The new aquarium was set up and with fresh water up to half
filled, a part of the old ground was the same as taken.
The aquarium thus remained filtration, lighting and heating three weeks
normal operating stand.

6. After this run-in period, was the old reef rock without invertebrates
moved into the new aquarium. Also, approximately 100 ltr.
Backwater to vaccinate given to the new aquarium. This phase has already been
started with the overhangs.

Device with holestone and with tuffs.
An attempt was so good it was possible to recreate a Rifflandschaft, the
Fish are therefore commanded caves and hiding places.
In order to ensure sufficient circulation, the bodies of two were
large sandstone slabs made. The sandstone slabs lie on 4 cm high
small Styrofoam panels. With a (Hydor 5200 Koralin flow pump) to the
lower portion of Riffaufbaues be easily traversed.

7. After another fortnight the reef rock was with invertebrates into new
Basin implemented. The overhangs was completed. The missing water
was filled by backwater.
8 had to wait another fortnight until the new Aquarium Fish
could be implemented.
9. After this relocation plan, everything went well and without losses on the stage.
On 20/08/2013 I have my new saltwater aquarium at the
Device examples presented.
Aquarium equipment:
eSmart Sea Nemo Light 4216 W / 150 cm
Seawater, programmable
1 Powerhead 1400 ltr. Std. Schnellfiterung
1 Powerhead 1400 ltr. Std. Schnellfiterung

1 Powerhead 802 ltr. H. Current pump for "three filter chamber"
1 Powerhead 802 ltr. H. Flow pump

Hydor Koralin 5200 flow pump
Other equipment:
1 skimmer, Gegenstromabschäumer with air vents

1 Ozongeraet Sander 100 mg
2 Zebrasoma flavescens
8 Pomacentrus auriventris
2 Amphiprion percula
5 Chromis viridis

various small Riffanemonen
Disc anemones
Entacmaea quadricolor (Kupferanemone)
Heteractis crispa
Radianthus kuekenthali
Lithophyton arboreum
Water parameters:
KH = 8
DH = 8
Magnesium 130 mg / l
CA = 420 mg / l
Nitrate = 20 mg / l
PO4 = nn
Density = 1,023
Temp. = 24-26 ° C
Nitrite = nn
pH value 8.2 to 8.3
Tetra flake food, Tetra Pro Colour, Tetra Min, frozen food (Artemia), banana, cucumber, live food, salad
Further information:
Water change weekly, it is only the evaporated water (20 ltr.) Filled with tap water.

Acti frace element
Micro & trace elements 1 x 40 ml per week

Acti Strontium & Molybdenum
Flowers for animals, invertebrates and calcareous algae 1 x 40 ml per week

Every quarter freshly settest seawater is replaced