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Das Becken mit Blitz
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Das Becken ohne Blitz
Aquarium decoration:
0.4-0.8mm black sand of www.wasserchemie.ch
-Echindorus Tenellus (only individual seedlings)
Special features of the facility:
In the sand I have 2 beheaded eingebuddelt PET bottles, as an additional cave for the animals. The edges are carefully ground to avoid injury. Then the roots were used, thus further caves and niches arise, which are even better used by the animals, as the man-made caves on these bottles. Both are, however, used regularly. Every now and then I sat oak or beech leaves in the aquarium, but so scoured that they share virtually no ingredients. However, the fish are looking for love among the leaves for food, or hide it.
Eine der 2 versteckten Pethöhlen. Das `glänzen` ist nur durch den Blitz sichtbar
Aquarium equipment:
2x Aqualux T5 Daylight.
By many Nixkraut the basin is quite dark and the fish delight in a rather frail light.
Eheim professionel 3e external filter
Other equipment:
Jäger 300W heater. (In winter I turn the heater off, to give them a little hibernation at about 222-23 °.
3x Channa gachua var. Inle Lake 1M 1W 1? Despite the larger and dominant couples the third animal comes along very well in the large aquarium and lives not hidden, the animals are surprisingly quiet.

approximately 3x Ancistrus spec. adult females. With its 10cm they are not considered food.
Die 3 Channas plus Antennenwelse bei der Futtersuche
Imponierendes Tier während einem Kleinen Streit
2 Tiere beim zerlegen der Futtertabletten
Ein Channa beim fressen vor der (noch)  Dreckigen Aquariumscheibe
Ein Bild eines Channas kurz nach dem Kauf: Länge ca. 6cm.
Ein weiteres Jungtier, man sieht dass es noch nicht ausgefärbt ist.
Water parameters:
PH: 7.2
GH: 7
KH: 4
The animals are fed as varied as possible, some examples:

-Posthornschnecken (By accident I discovered how they cracked it and I feed them like when I look in the aquarium)
-Trockenfutter In the form of flake food and tablets - beastly.
-Frostfutter, Artemia and black fly larvae.
Further information:
Please give me your feedback at the pool!