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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 14272
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
140x60x60 = 504 liters ~ 133 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Special production of Amazonas Aquarium in Reutlingen. Coverage of Seaqualux aluminum. Basin is in 12mm glass and Stossverklebt with seams and center bar. Windscreen made of white glass. Cabinet is made by a carpenter in silver, with ABS edges and gravel cover.
2009 - Unterwasserlandschaft aus dem Malawi :)
Anfang 2010
der `Kindergarten`
gut getarnt im Kindergarten...wer sieht ihn??
auch gut getarnt..
DAS nennen ich `Tarnfarben` !
zuhause mit `dicken Backen`
eins mit der Umgebung...
Aquarium decoration:
White sand in the grain 0,2-0,4mm Sandmann AG.

Approximately 100Kg Anatolia Green stones
Only Anubias Nana
Special features of the facility:
3D back wall of Stone Age Design from Austria. Stones Anatolia Green in a round shape. This I have preferred a natural as possible underwater landscape of Lake Malawi to replicate. The stones were placed on a plate 4mm thick Plexiglas and then poured the sand.
Aquarium equipment:
Lightbar from Seaqualux (Domilux), 2 flames in T5 - 54W, individually dimmable. And a spot for Simu Mondlich, sunset and storm simulation. Gesteurt is anything from a GHL Profilux aquarium computer.

Rear tube: Arcadia Marine Blue Actinic - During the day on 40%
Front tube: Giesemann Powerchrome midday - 6000 Kelvin - During the day on 45%

Cloud simulation and rainy days, simulating the Profilux.
Eheim 2078e. Electronically controlled external filters with various simulation functions such as Bio-function (different flow velocities Tags / night).

Pump capacity 1850 l / h
Filter volume 8.6 liters (8 + 0.6 prefilter)
Other equipment:
Flow pump Tunze Nano Stream 6055. Controllable pump: With the Profilux a flow is simulated. At night, the flow is reduced (similar in nature).

Automatic heater from Eheim - 300W
Eheim Filter im beweglichen `Eimer`
ACEI 1/1
Lombardoi 1/1
Flavus 1/1
Estheare red / red 1/2
Red pied OB 1/1
Demasoni 1/2
Elongatus Mpanga (micro) 1/1

Labidochromis Yellow 1/2
Melanochromis Maingano 1/1
Haplochromis zebra obliquidens 1/1
Cynotilapia Afra Cobue 1/1

This is all to juveniles.
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 14272
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 14272
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 14272
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 14272
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 14272
Water parameters:
Temperature: around 26 ° C

Measured before the water change:

PH: 8.0
GH: 17 °
KH: 7 °
No2: <0.3mg / l
No3: 25mg / l
NH3 + NH4: 0mg / l

Water change weekly 50%
- Nature Food Premium Cichlid Plant
- Nature Food PremiumColor
- Tropical Malawi
- Tetra Rubin
- Frozen foods: white and black mosquito larvae
- Cucumbers
- JBL Spirulina
Further information:
The pool has been running since April 2009. At first were less rocks in the basin, the new stones can be seen on the images very easily recognize as no algae it is. Until recently, was my other non-stocking in Malawi basin. This has now been issued and now the Mbunas in it. Currently there are 25 fish in the tank. These are young fish from a hobby breeder.
* * 23.11.2009: In the meantime, the new stones are overgrown with algae and sit down not from the rest. I play with the idea still bring something darker rock hole to create something more hiding places for young. Also, I'll try the existing stones to rebuild something for something more "height". On the whole, the AQ has successfully developing well and retracted. I especially like the colors that arise with the programmed lighting. At night when the lighting at dusk is very into the blue, gives the impression of Lake Malawi in 7-10m depth. Nice to see the new photos.

** Update: early 2010: pool cover was leaking, cabinet is swollen. Complete emptying of the basin and cabinet exchange. Now new composition of stones (current pictures which follow). Runs like a one, a lot of offspring. Through the hole rock survive many of the little ones. Interesting color combos!

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