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Mein kleines Malawi Biotop :-)
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
160/70/50-60 = 560 liters ~ 147 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pelvis is made of 8mm glass and the bottom plate has 10 mm, it is glued bead with a safety seam. The cover is lined from stable Kuststoff and with glass tops. The basin stands on 3 pillars of Ytong stones preceded a 22 mm MDF board is and of course a safety pad.
Endlich!! Das Becken ist da!
So sieht es schon ganz gut aus !
Aquarium decoration:
60 kg river sand beige
Special features of the facility:
70 Kg holestone
..... Steine und Sand werden eingebracht!
..... und zum schluß noch Wasser
Aquarium equipment:
120 cm x 36 Watt 2 lightbar T8
Fluorescent tubes from the hardware store (Daylight)
Light time 7 hrs / day 16 -. 23, clock
But it is only one of the two tubes, as Malawi is indeed rather have a bit darker and thus even a better get the colors slightly to bear!
Is filtered über3 chamber Bio filter including comb and two inlets on the bottom.
Blue filter sponge filter material and fine as well as clay pipes and Bactoballs
Other equipment:
For filtering a Eheim compact pump is 2000+ connected with controllable flow of 1500 -2000 L / h.
When heating a hunter heater is 300 W.
Heating currently not on because the temperature is so accomplished!
Pseudotropheus crabro 1
Pseudotropheus "Elongatus Mpanga" 2/5
Pseudotropheus "ACEI" 1/3
Melanochromis auratus 1/3
Labidochromis "Hongi" 1/4
Protomelas "fenestratus Taiwan" 1/3
Synodontis njassae 3
Water parameters:
Temperature 20-23
Carbonate hardness 7 ° dKH
Total Hardness 7 ° dGH
PH 8.0
Amonium / ammonia 0 mg / L
Nitrite 0 mg / L
Nitrate 10 mg / L

Water change 40% per week
Tetra Pro Colour
Tetra Pro Vegetable
from time to frozen food or live food