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Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
120 x 40 x 50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
- "Cabinet" in Eigenbau
- Beck device took place in November`08
Aquarium Becken 12889 / aufgelöst
große Wurzel mit Moos und Anubias
Aquarium Becken 12889 / aufgelöst
Aquarium decoration:
Ground mixture of clay u.Lehm, Lava Granule, zeolite
Quartz gravel Nature 0.7 - 1.2 mm
Black quartz gravel 0.7 - 1.2 mm
Echinodorus tenellus
Echinodorus amazonicus
Echinodorus bleheri
Vallisneria spiralis
Vallisneria torta
Anubis barteri var. Nana
Nymphea lotus
Lobelia cardinalis
Cladophora aegagrophila
Monosolenium tenerum
Anubias auf kleiner Wurzel und Mooskugel
Moos auf Wurzelspitze
Special features of the facility:
great dream root, small root, 2 red slates, cave of black slate (DIY), crystal quartz stone, half a coconut shell
Dekoration im Aquarium Becken 12889 / aufgelöst
Aquarium equipment:
2x 30W T8 (6.00 - 11.30 clock and 16.00 - 22.30 clock)
2x LED moonlight blue (22.30 - 6.00 clock)
Eheim Professionel (2224) for mechanical filtration
- Fitted with Grobfill, filter foam, zeolite fine filter mat
2 pcs. (Per 1 liter) air operated (EHeim400 Inflator) Aqua Right-internal filters for full biological filtration
- Fitted with zeolite and filter mat
Other equipment:
Hunter / Eheim rod heaters 150W
Bio-CO2 system (self build) with Lindenholzausströmer
Stromverteilung Marke Eigenbau
20 Red Neon
10 silvertip
3 dwarf gouramis (1m / 2w)
3 catfish (1m / 2w)
8 versch.Platys (Tuxedo, Germany ... Only females Männel sorted by Pop-delusion; o))
kleine Abordnung Neon-Schwarm
Water parameters:
pH 6.8
kh 4
NO2 0 to 0.025 mg / l
NO3 10 mg / l
PO4 <2 mg / l
Temp 25 ° C
Tetra Min Flakes
Tetra Pro
Tetra Delica Krill and Daphnia
Tetra Fresh Delica (different / Gel)
Tetra Pleco Min
TetraWafer Mix
living u.weiße red bloodworms
from time to water fleas
bloodworms and brine shrimp (Frost)
from time to time bissl cucumber, potatoes
Further information:
Water change is only "indirectly" with ion exchangers `Kati and Ani` of Aquatechnik at NO3 levels above 25mg / l (with previous slight hardening of the aquarium water), well done Verdunstwasserauffüllung (without hardening).

This is my first aquarium, sometimes the "fishbowl"; o) in childhood apart. Property naturally tries to get as much information as possible in advance of the purchase, also on this page (THANK YOU!), Ultimately the Information from Aqua Properly team were more than helpful and are still always there for questions and problems openly, hence my recommendation.

Of course I am happy to open and interested in opinions, suggestions, criticisms and advice.

LG René