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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 118
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Victoria
Tank size:
160 x 60 x 60 = 576 liters ~ 152 gallons (us)
Specific features:
- DIY pools in stainless steel frame
- Later nachgebohrter floor drain
- Self-made backplane
Aquarium decoration:
lighter gravel with coral sand
artificial plants (see photo) as a retreat for young fish decoration
Special features of the facility:
Rear wall (rock replica: construction manual is available - this rear wall for years "in operation" without harmful effects on the stocking), granite stones, hardwood piece
Dekoration im Aquarium Becken 118
Aquarium equipment:
2x 38 W fluorescent tubes (11 h)
- Osram Light color 11
- Dennerle African-Lake
Biological and fast filtering:
- Eheim Prof. II 2227 - 700 L. / h (Siporax)
- Chamber filter (200 liter undercounter basin)
The multi-chamber filter, in addition to the inlet and the clear water chamber three filter chambers with foam mats (blue: fine and medium) (gross) are filled, clay pipes, Siporax and crushed coral. The water is recirculated by Eheim centrifugal pump type 1250 (1.200 L / h) into the basin.
Other equipment:
Floor heating:
- Dupla 50W with hunters thermoregulators
The water temperature in the tilapia tank is with me at 22 ° - 24 ° C. maintained. At night the temperature drops to about 20 ° to 22 ° from (depending on room temperature).
endemic cichlids of Lake Victoria:
- Haplochromis sp. "Red Tail" CH44 (1/3/4)
- Haplochr. (Astatotilapia) sp. "Flameback", Uganda (2/7/5 +)
[Explanation of figures: (male / female / young)]

Besides being a Haplochr. (Astatotilapia) nubila (not endemic, but the geographer. Victoria basin occurring) in the basin, which the dealer had given me for his originally poor condition. The fish lives and is fit again and gradually gets its typical dark color with reddish fins.
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 118
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 118
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 118
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 118
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 118
Water parameters:
pH 7.5 to 8.3 (Tunze pH controller)
Hard water (> 12 ° dGH,> 6 ° dKH)
Sea salt added every three weeks (1 tablespoon / 50L)
Adding hardeners and carbonate
Conductance: 600-1200 microsiemens / cm (25 ° C.)
Partial water change every week: 200 L.
Granulated food and frozen food:
- AquaFarm AF2001 and granules, previously enriched with Spirulina powder and moistened as groundbait
- 2-3x weekly Frostfutter (vitaminized): Artemia, Mysis (watered), white mosquito, Chichlidenmix alternately
Further information:
Both Haplochromisarten (indicator species of the aquarium) are not yet described taxonomically conclusion, therefore, "species" / "subspecies" (sp.) After the generic name. The "Flame Back" and the "Red Tail" are endemic species of Lake Victoria. Because of the different stripe pattern of the females there is no intraspecific hybridization, the females of one and the other kind are geared to their respective species-specific male.
It's typologies always look for when socialization of various "Haplochromis" that there are no union between species Bastardisierungen. This is avoided by a) different stripe pattern of males (transverse, longitudinal), significantly different colors of the males and b) by a significant surplus of females in relation mE of 1: 3 to 1: 4 and higher.

Haplochromisarten not require large pools of less than 450 liters and not less than 150 cm pelvic length, as these fish average and comparison (!) Greater intraspecific and interspecific aggressiveness but also more shy away from the majority of "Malawi" and the "Tanganjikaseebarsche". In small pools usually come to sexual maturity restlessness, aversion (to the viewer), biting the males etc. on. Because then you have no joy. If the aquarium is large enough hiding richly decorated, staffed humanely and the water values ​​and feeding are matched accordingly unfold the male "Victorians" stunning colorations and behavioral needs to the delight of the nurse or the nurse.
Finally, I would like to mention 2 things:
1. What is true of many other East African cichlids has for "Victorians" special meaning: In the shop the males almost never show their colors. Females and juveniles are pale anyway. Only in accordance with established tank and appropriate care at home, the animals develop only its "luminosity" and colors. Your poor relation in the shop have therefore not worthy of the cichlids. Each buyer is therefore advisable to obtain information by means of literature and Internet search on the true colors of the animals. The dealer should turn depend Photos adult fully colored animals to the sales pool, because without advertising is not obviously.
2. I recommend the following (unfortunately English) Literature (great photos):
- Mark Phillip Smith: Lake Victoria Basin Cichlids (Barron's Publishing)
- Ole Seehausen: Lake Victoria Cichlids skirt (Publishing Verduijn Cichlids).